Jason Momoa Is Teaching His Son The No-Look Ax Throw While Quarantined

by Madison Vanderberg
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Jason Momoa/Instagram

Jason Momoa shows his son how to throw a tomahawk without looking

Jason Momoa is passing the time during quarantine by teaching his son Nakoa-Wolf how to throw tomahawks, you know how you do. Momoa’s ax-throwing skills are well-documented and he’s demonstrated them on The Late Late Show and on The Ellen Show and now, his thing is No-Look Ax-Throwing and oof, okay man.

“It’s all about arrogance and confidence,” Momoa says in an Instagram video while throwing an ax blind and completely missing the mark.

“This one sounded like it hit the ground but it didn’t because I never saw,” he added with a smile.

Momoa tossed failed ax after ax, all soaring right through what appeared to be a tent in his backyard. He did it all with a smile too, as his son giggled and kept the camera rolling, while Momoa rattled off charming one-liners as the axes hit the ground like “Sup, I stuck it.” Mind you, this was all in the name of teaching his son how to — hopefully — throw axes better than dear old dad.

Oh and we’d be bad journalists if we didn’t paint the scene, which includes the fact that Momoa was shirtless while doing this. Just getting the details down, so…

Ax-throwing, blind or otherwise, seems to be a go-to pastime in the Momoa household. Last month, Momoa told Ellen DeGeneres that during lockdown he’s become his kids P.E. teacher and his lesson plan and playground usually include “skateboard ramps… climbing walls… shooting tomahawks and bow and arrows.”

“I’m like the P.E. coach,” Momoa said of his remote-learning role. “Get your ass outside. Wanna go rock climb, skateboard?”

The Aquaman star also shared a video of his 12-year-old daughter Lola doing some “quarantine training” which consisted of riding a bike and then expertly throwing a tomahawk mid-ride. What a badass family.

From throwing axes to leading the at-home “P.E. Class,” Momoa says he’s been enjoying quarantine because it meant taking a break from his work, which often kept him traveling and away from his family.

“We’ve had a really nice time. I rarely get to be home, so it’s pretty special,” Momoa told DeGeneres in the same interview. “We have a little bit of space. I feel very thankful.”

Momoa “the goofy dad” is our favorite role of his, so if quarantine means more silly videos throwing tomahawks around his backyard, it sounds like a real win/win for everybody. Keep the #content coming, Momoa!

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