Jax Taylor Is Angrier And Veinier Than Ever On 'Vanderpump Rules'

by Kristine Cannon
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Jax Taylor Vanderpump Rules

Jax Taylor blames his anger issues on ‘Mercury’s Gatorade’

Jax Taylor — and his supporting cast of bulging face and neck veins — is really losing it on Vanderpump Rules.

We caught glimpses of ragey Jax at his own wedding, but now that his wedding and his birthday is said and done, the attention is no longer on him — and he’s angrier than ever.


To start, Jax — who hasn’t had an “urge” to hang out with Tom Sandoval because he “hasn’t been a great friend” — spends the afternoon (and $122) with Sandoval getting their sneakers cleaned. But this isn’t an innocent hang.

After Jax’s card gets declined, he boldly questions Sandoval’s relationship with girlfriend of about six years, Ariana Madix, claiming that she makes “backhanded comments.”

“I thought she was being a bitch many, many times,” Jax tells Sandy.


“I’m gonna give you some really good advice,” Sandoval starts. “I know people come after you or might’ve questioned you. Sometimes, it’s good to just take a second, not get too responsive…”

“Oh, I’m bad at that; I’m 100 percent bad at that,” Jax admits.

“It’s something that’ll really help you out, Jax,” Sandoval says.

“I feel like when Jax gets bored, he just picks something or somebody to just focus all of his attention and anger on, just so he can feel important or better about himself,” he adds in a talking head. “I’m trying to help you out, as a friend.”

Jax — a man obsessed — doesn’t drop it, though, and continues to talk about Sandoval and Ariana’s relationship to Scheana.

“I’m just tired of people not being honest. Everyone yells at me for being a liar and this; but everyone else is full of bullshit — Kristen, Tom, Ariana,” Jax says. Scheana isn’t having it, though, and says that Kristen Doute’s been very transparent about her relationship with ex Carter. But that doesn’t stop Jax, who then describes Sandoval and Ariana’s relationship as a “facade.”


“I just don’t see them happy together. I think they’re two different people. I think buying that house together was a bad idea. That relationship is not normal to me,” says Jax. Jax, who cheated on his now wife Brittany Cartwright with another Sur-ver. Jax, who admitted to Brittany’s dad and brothers that, he’ll always prioritize himself over Brittany. Jax, who borderline demanded Brittany make him sandwiches. Jax, who continually fat-shamed Brittany, particularly throughout Season 5.

“I don’t know ‘miserable’ Ariana that much,” Jax continues. “Every time you don’t like where a conversation is going, it’s, ‘I’m depressed.'”


“I just feel like Jax gets jealous,” Scheana then says after defending her friend, Ariana. “Maybe because the wedding’s done or something, and he’s not the center of attention…” Bingo!

Jax then ditches Max Boyen’s beach cleanup/hangout, calling it “dumb and pointless.” Oh, right, and he also sent Max 1,547 more texts about it.



Max doesn’t hesitate to show the texts to the group, who seem totally over Jax’s antics.

“Jax is such an idiot,” Stassi says. “He will literally point his finger at anyone or anything to absolve himself from any wrong doing, including ‘Mercury’s Gatorade.'”

“It sucks that I always have to answer or take up for Jax whenever he does things like this, but I married him knowing he was that person. So, now I just have to deal with it,” Brittany admits in a talking head.

Later, a sweaty, flushed, tomato-red Jax apologizes to Max at Kristen’s James Mae event.

“I’m going through some mental problems, some mental issues. I’m angry all the time,” he tells Max and Sandoval. “All of the time, all of the time angry. I call it an ‘episode.'”


“Knowing Jax, I’m 90 percent sure he’s full of shit and really just trying to spin this around to create pity for himself,” Sandoval says.

Jax may have cleared the air with Max, but Jax moves on to Kristen and confronts her about a sex tape she allegedly recently filmed with someone other than Carter. But when she corrects Jax and tells him that the video was actually filmed four years ago (versus two weeks ago), Jax begins to spiral.

“You’re going to swear on your life and all of your friendships that it was four years ago?” Jax says. Coolheaded Kristen continues to deny Jax’s allegations, which only further upsets him.


“Of course I’m lying to Jax,” Kristen then admits. “Jax has the biggest mouth ever. It’s none of anyone’s business except for mine and the guy who’s in the video.”

And now no one is safe from Jax’s wrath — not even Brittany, who Kristen wrangles into their argument.

“I would have more compassion for Kristen if she wasn’t so full of shit,” Jax says to Brittany. “You’re losing friends left and right because people have had enough.”


Brittany later confronts Jax at home about his behavior at Kristen’s event.

“What is making you do this, getting mad at people when it has nothing to do with you?” she asks him.

“Am I not allowed to have a bad day?” he responds, later admitting that he “smokes too much” and takes Adderall to lose weight.


“You are allowed to have a bad day,” Brittany then responds, “but don’t take it out on me when you’re having a bad day. You take it out on me a lot when I don’t deserve it. It sucks. … It breaks my heart.”

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