People Have Thoughts About Jennifer Aniston Eating One Single Chip

Scary Mommy and Gregg DeGuire/Chris Clor/Getty

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston admitted to eating just one chip when she’s stressed, and the internet has feelings

Nestled among the many interesting tidbits in Jennifer Aniston’s recent interview with InStyle sat the admission that she eats a single chip or a single M&M — yes, just one — when she’s stressed. Of course, Aniston has long been open about her lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise, for years, but for some reason, this particular tidbit has struck a chord with people on the internet.

When asked what she eats when she’s stressed, Aniston replied, “A chip. Crunch, crunch, crunch.” She then clarified that yes, she did mean “just one chip,” adding, “Usually. I’m good at that. I can have one M&M, one chip. I know, that’s so annoying.”

While some find it refreshingly real that a celeb is copping to the strict lifestyle they lead (even if said lifestyle leaves room only for a single chip or M&M), others are baffled by Aniston’s admission, wondering how long it must take for her to finish an entire bag of chips if she’s only eating one at a time.

Some made hilarious jokes about the single-chip habit, which honestly leaves us with more questions than answers — including why and how when chips and M&Ms are both so good and deserve to be eaten in abundance.

Others pointed to the very valid (and maddening) beauty standards imposed on women in general, but especially in the public eye, who feel pressure to remain on restrictive diets in order to fall into the narrow (and often times impossible) societal ideals. Though, of course, it’s worth noting that Aniston herself has not shared whether she’s experienced an eating disorder, it is proven that restrictive diets often lead to eating disorders.

And others simply feel bad for Aniston, hoping that she’ll come around and enjoy as many M&Ms and chips as she wants, if she does want more than one, of course.

However Aniston’s single-chip habit came about, the TL:DR is that shaming or judging others for their dietary choices is never cool. We’re hopeful that perhaps Aniston was actually joking and that she’s enjoying all the salty and sugary snacks she wants to on the reg, but ultimately whatever works for her works for her. As for us, we’re more than happy to scoop up the snacks left behind in the Aniston household if she’d like to share them with us. Jen, we’ll send you our address.