Jennifer Garner Choreographs A Whole Dance To Get Out The Vote

by Leah Groth
Jennifer Garner Vote Dance

Jennifer Garner dances to Lizzo’s vote-inspiring anthem in an adorable new Instagram video

For several decades since the Rock the Vote campaign was launched in 1990, celebrities have been incredibly influential in getting people to the polls to vote in local, state, and federal elections. After all, public figures — including writers, musicians, actors, activists, and influencers — have a huge platform and can spread the word to millions of people at once. Back in June during the primaries, Lizzo threw some beats together and added some catchy lyrics to inspire her fans to hit the polls. Now, just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election, Jennifer Garner has choreographed a dance to the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker’s beats, and we are so into it.

On Saturday, Garner shared a super cute video of herself and pal Tiler Peck, who happens to be a Principal Dancer at New York City Ballet, busting out moves to Lizzo’s “Time To Vote” song.

“It’s finally here 😁 — time to vote! ♥️💙 love Tiler Peck and me,” Garner captioned the video, also giving a shout out to Lizzo as well as Donte Colley, who served as her inspiration to bust a move. Dancer pal Peck also shared the video on her Instagram page, writing, “now is the time to exercise your right. It’s time to vote ✅ Just a little encouragement from Jen, me and Lizzo.”

“Do you know what time it is? It’s time to vote!” Lizzo sings in the short-but-poignant tune she shared in June on her own Intsa account.

As Garner mentioned in her post, she was inspired by one Donté Colley, who has been spreading joy throughout the pandemic by dancing his way into our souls and shared his own dance video encouraging fans to vote last month.

“It’s such an important time right now to use your voice. There are 14 million new eligible voters this year – your voices matter. Have you registered to vote? I am not American, I am a Canadian. However, 78% of my audience is based in the US.”

And if you’re already registered to vote, send in those ballots now, drop them off at a ballot box, or find out if your state allows early in-person voting! While it is important to vote in every election, your vote is more crucial than ever due to the current state of the country. You have the power to make a difference and change the trajectory of things. Vote to end racism and discrimination. Vote to save lives. Vote to stop hate. Vote for a better America. Just vote.

Okay, now BRB. Gonna vote then try to learn J. Garn’s epic dance routine.