Jennifer Garner's Axe-Throwing Skills Put Her In The Badass Hall Of Fame

by Thea Glassman
Image via Instagram/Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner made a video of herself throwing axes and, yes, it will make you smile very hard

The internet can be a no good, very bad place. That’s why you should probably head straight to Jennifer Garner’s Instagram where it’s all sunshine, joy, and competitive axe throwing. Yup, the recently crowned People’s Most Beautiful Person got down and dirty with a bullseye and the video will bring you a large amount of happiness.

Garner took to Instagram to post footage of herself throwing axes with an impressive amount of precision, alongside the caption: “A wee reminder: don’t mess with mama. #notcompetitiveatall #hillbillyskills.” After watching, you will definitely concur that you should not mess with mama.


Garner’s celebrity pals couldn’t help but comment, because DAMN.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Garner has brought her A-game to Instagram. Once she put on a marching band uniform and played the saxophone for her “boo” Reese Witherspoon’s birthday.

She also celebrated the release of Witherspoon’s book by replicating her hot roller tips. The adorable meter is, perhaps, at an all-time high.

Or there was that other time when her flight was delayed in Bozeman, Montana and she made a video of herself hanging out at a local coffee shop, making cappuccinos, playing games, and putting stickies around the store telling people to “have a great day!” Yup, that’s the level of sunshine we’re dealing with right now.

Oh yeah, and she also dressed up as Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon for her son’s birthday – which is just pure dedication right there.

Oddly enough, we actually have dancers to thank for Garner’s decision to sign up for Instagram in the first place.

“First of all I started Insta-stalking people, mostly ballerinas,” Garner said in an interview with E! News. “But I’ve so enjoyed watching dancers that I admire from afar and feeling like I get a little insight into their lives and so it just seemed like, ‘OK that makes more sense to me.'”

Very glad she decided to stick around. We can use all of the joy and elaborate costumes and saxophone playing we can get.