Jennifer Garner Empties Her Mom Purse In Hilarious Instagram Video

by Julie Scagell
Image via Instagram/Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner found a geode in her bag, among other things

A handbag is supposed to be used for carrying important, personal items you need on the daily. Things like your wallet, car keys, phone, chapstick, a bag of Cheetos. But if you’ve ever looked in a mom’s purse, you know this is but a mere drop in the bucket to the overall contents of our handbags.

Enter actress and mom of three, Jennifer Garner, who recently emptied her tote live on Instagram, writing, “On today’s episode of ‘What’s In My Bag?’ we explore the depths of my favorite backpack,” which has moms everywhere shaking their heads and mumbling, “Same.”

She starts out by pulling out “Hearts, more hearts,” referring to the plethora of heart-shaped stickers she’s found. Is there a mom of small children in all of the land who doesn’t have a bunch of rumpled stickers in her purse? In addition to the hearts, there’s a “honey thing” which I believe is the professional name for “thing that stirs honey,” a random geode (“why, though”), the package for a set of pens, some actual pens, still more pens, more heart stickers, a one dollar bill, and some tea.

My mom was just in town over the weekend and even when your brood is finally out of the house, apparently you still to have exactly what your kids need. Fingernail clippers — check. Small bottle of water — check. A rubber stamp with my home address from two houses ago (“just in case you needed it”) — check. It never, ever ends.

What’s most impressive and makes us all love her just a little bit more is the day planner. A hand written day planner that she writes (not types) the happenings of her day instead of using the calendar and “Lists” apps on her phone. This is a woman after my own heart. Bless.

Garner is a mom we can all relate to. Whether she’s selling Girl Scout cookies for her daughter outside a local grocery store, reading the book Go The Fuck To Sleep out loud and completely seriously, or doling out much needed (and accurate) advice to new parents, she’s the down-to-Earth woman we can connect with.

She’s also the mom who’s “had some wine” cleaning out her purse to give us the laugh we needed.