Jennifer Garner Shares Hilariously Relatable Quarantine-Themed Video

by Valerie Williams
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Jennifer Garner Shares Hilariously Relatable Quarantine-Themed Video
Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Jennifer Garner shared a montage of herself posted up in the laundry room doing quarantine things and she is truly all of us

While everyone’s quarantine life looks different (especially those braving the frontlines to keep us all healthy, fed, transported, and safe) there are a few common themes: laundry, face masks, disgruntled cats who want their quiet house back, wine, and boredom. Extremely relatable (and hilarious) celebrity mom Jennifer Garner gets it, and her latest Instagram post is a series of moments we’ve all experienced in the last few months.

Garner shared a montage of very familiar quarantine scenes set to the TikTok-famous song “Think About Things.”

“I don’t know why I thought you needed this,” she captioned the clip. Ummm neither do we, but we’re so glad she blessed us with this golden footage.

Somehow endless laundry even though we never go anywhere anymore? Check. Face masks? Check. Loungewear all damn day? Check. Irritated cat who wants nothing to do with you because you’ve been home way too long for his liking? Check. Wine? Big, huge check.

This video is solid gold for all of us moms who’ve been cooped up in the house with our partners and kids for far too long. Her face is our face. Her wine is our wine. Her multiplying stacks of laundry are the song of our people. Jennifer Garner is a truly relatable celebrity mom and we love her for it.

Garner hasn’t shown us too much of her home life under quarantine up until now. So far, it’s been a lot of posts geared toward helping others during this very tough time, like her participation in the #SaveWithStories read-aloud initiative that was created to “fill the bellies and minds of children impacted by school shut downs due to COVID-19.”

She also shared a sweet screenshot from a call with a very young patient staying at a children’s hospital. Garner’s basically been her usual angelic self while staying home to help flatten the coronavirus curve.

The fact that she paused her do-gooding just to make us all smile with her video only makes us adore her more.

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