Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Hide In Closets For Private Time Around Their Kids

by Lauren Gordon
Rich Fury/WireImage

The “Marry Me” star dishes on the “private moments” her and Affleck have to “steal” when they’re around all their kids

There are no people on this earth who take the sentiment “we’ll make it work” and run with it quite like parents. And apparently even celebrity parents have to roll with the punches as well.

The reunion of JLo and Ben Affleck (which we will forever refer to as Bennifer) has us all swooning over second chances and happy endings. The couple cannot seem to stop gushing about each other, and reveling in how decades apart led them back to one another. The time in between their reunion was filled with marriages and children, which means they are also getting to experience the joy of a blended family.

Even though this isn’t the couple’s first rodeo, it certainly *feels* that way, which is what led Jennifer Lopez to confess on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show that the couple is still “stealing” private moments away from their kids.

“Bathroom, closet, private moments,” giggles Lopez after DeGeneres asks her how they are squeezing in one-on-one time when all the kids are around.

“You know, to talk, to do things,” Lopez clarifies.

Of course that isn’t the only time the pair are getting their PDA on. Recently the happy couple attended the premiere for Lopez’s new rom-com Marry Me, and they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. On the red carpet, there were tons of tender moments from sweet forehead kisses to loving embraces.

In an exclusive with PEOPLE, she absolutely gushed about her rekindled romance.

“I’ve never been better,” the 52-year-old singer and actress told PEOPLE. “It’s just that we’re all in a very beautiful moment…I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him.”

What a lovely reminder to not wall yourself off from any experience, who knows what a second chance could bring?