JLo Shares Empowering Pre-Super Bowl Video To Inspire Young Girls

by Cassandra Stone

J-Lo has a feminist message for the girls everywhere after her halftime show

Unless you were living under a rock, clutching your pearls, you watched Jennifer Lopez and Shakira dominate the Super Bowl halftime stage with some seriously jaw-dropping entertainment. One of the best moments came in between dance numbers, when J-Lo’s daughter, Emme, and a group of talented young girls joined in the performance. Lopez is sharing a touching, powerful post showing the moments leading up to the huge mother-daughter/girl power moment.

JLo Shares A Feminist Message For Girls In Pre-Super Bowl Video

“These moments were captured just minutes before we hit the stage last night,” Lopez writes in the caption to her latest Instagram post. You can see her embracing Emme in a beautiful mother-daughter moment.

“All I want my girls, the little girls on stage with me and all over the world to know is how to use their voices and be proud of everything they are,” she continues. “We are proud to recognize that all of us together are what makes this beautiful country truly great.”

The video she shares gives us a glimpse into the organized chaos and palpable energy happening behind the scenes just moments before the halftime show as the mother of two strolls down the stadium tunnel, hand-in-hand with Emme. The huge group of girls Emme’s age that also performed with the superstar are gathered together, thoroughly and completely psyched to take the stage and eager to watch Lopez herself.

The image of Lopez taking the stage on the dance pole, powerful stance in place, hair flowing, costume blowing in the breeze, is honestly enough to give anyone chills. The fact that she knew she was sharing this moment with her daughter (while the rest of us were clueless) is so incredibly moving.

As we all saw, Emme had poise and a powerhouse voice — which we’ve had the privilege of hearing before. Her dad, Marc Anthony, shared a Proud Dad Moment on his Instagram right after her performance.

Last year, Emme joined her mom during her amazing world tour and the two sang a beautiful duet that brought tears to every dry eye in the house.

While we all love watching J-Lo do her thing on stage (and hitting “replay” on that halftime show approximately 89 times on YouTube), it’s her pride and love for her kids, Emme and her twin brother, Max, that really makes us fall for her.

Moms rule.