Internet Freaks Over Jessica Chastain & Oscar Isaac Red Carpet Moment

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Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac low-key melted the internet over the weekend, and excuse us if we need a cold shower

Whether the last 18 months of living through a global pandemic has left your sex drive on overdrive or completely DOA, you might have experienced a sexual reawakening after seeing recent video footage of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. The two actors made a joint appearance at the Venice International Film Festival on Saturday, September 4, and the sheer sex appeal of it all left the internet in need of a cold shower.

The pair walked the red carpet at the film festival to promote their upcoming HBO series Scenes From a Marriage, which premieres on Sunday, September 12. Of course, the co-stars and longtime pals looked beautiful as always, but their steamy interaction quickly went viral online for reasons that will be immediately obvious when you see it.

In the watermarked Getty Images clip, Isaac can be seen gazing adoringly at Chastain as she poses for photographers solo. They then link up and she wraps her arm around him before he strokes her arm and kisses it, which causes her so much delight that she brings him close for an embrace and more posing.

The pair also held hands as they walked down the carpet and generally just reminded us mere mortals that we can only hope someone looks at us the way Isaac looks at Chastain.

Naturally, people picked up on their intense chemistry pretty fast, creating fan cam montage and slow-mo clips of the moment.

Of course, before there’s any speculation about this being a Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper from the A Star Is Born press tour situation, it’s worth reminding everyone that both Chastain and Isaac are married, she to fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo and he to film director Elvira Lind. They’re also close friends, co-stars, and literal actors promoting a project together. Still, that didn’t stop the internet from having fun with it, with some also reminding everyone else to calm the heck down.

Though the pair didn’t directly address their sizzling chemistry, Chastain did seem to poke fun at the newfound viral fame. Chastain tweeted a photo of Gomez Addams kissing Morticia Addams’ arm from the Addams Family, and sharing Scenes From a Marriage‘s Sept. 12 release date and including the requisite smiley devil emoji.

Whether it was a sweet moment shared between two pals or clever promo for their series, we’re suddenly very interested in tuning in on Sunday night. Bravo, you two!

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