JFK Is A Mess And These Photos Will Make You Never Want To Check Luggage Again

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Michelle Collins/Twitter

JFK looks like a complete nightmare right now

If you’ve ever complained about flying, airports, and baggage claim — you ain’t seen nothing yet. Seriously. John F. Kennedy airport is a complete shitshow right now, and the pictures will make all your flying horror stories seem like quaint, harmless little anecdotes.

There’s been some major chaos going on at JFK thanks to the winter storm that recently hit New York City. More than 7,000 flights were canceled according to CNBC, international fliers were stuck on taxiways for hours, and equipment malfunctioned because of the insanely cold temperatures. Oh yeah, and then a frozen water pipe BURST in one of the terminals. Suffice to say, there’s a ridiculously messy luggage fiasco happening at the airport, and people have been stuck waiting hours and hours to collect their belongings.

Many have been reporting live from the scene to confirm that the situation is *indeed* as hellish as you’d expect.

Here’s a look at all the luggage that has not been picked up yet.

Are you already feeling intense sympathy pains? It gets worse. So much worse. Fliers have been sharing their horror stories on social media, and everyone’s fed up. Also, according to one Twitter user, there has been a special phone line set up for JFK luggage — and there’s currently a whopping 90-minute wait. Also, many people haven’t been able to sort out any accommodations, so they’re pretty much stuck sleeping at the airport for now.

Stranded fliers have even started to bond on Twitter over all the insanity, and compared notes on their current situation.

Sending so much goodwill over to the people at JFK right now. Also probably, definitely never complaining about any minor airline hiccup again. Perspective, perspective.

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