'You Look Amazing!': The Only Thing You Should Ever Say To A Pregnant Woman

by Maria Guido

This should be required viewing for anyone who comes into contact with pregnant women

Please comment on my size! said no pregnant woman, ever. No one ever comments on people’s size when they’re not pregnant, so it’s pretty weird that people think a hormonal, restless, tired woman carting an actual human around inside of her is going to want any sort of commentary on how she looks. Or how big she is. Or how she must certainly be delivering this baby at any moment.

Shut up, world. Just shut up. The only appropriate thing to say to a pregnant woman is YOU LOOK AMAZING. The end. There are no exceptions.

Jill Krause of Baby Rabies is pregnant with her fourth child. After a weird run-in with a rude guy at the grocery store, she decided the general public needed a guide on how to approach pregnant women, and what to say in regards to the way that they look.

“This goes out to the guy who walked up to me in the grocery store, demanded to know my due date- LIKE HE IS ENTITLED TO KNOW IT- then rudely replied, ‘Damn, girl. You SURE it’s not twins?!’ and walked away.”

Um, NOPE. All the nopes. Why do people do this?

“There is no other human condition in which it is appropriate for a stranger to approach another person in a public space and make a comment on the appearance of their body,” she says. “So the next time that you are so taken aback by a pregnant woman’s appearance that you feel the need to say something to her, this is all you’re allowed to say…”


“Because asking us if we’re sure it’s not twins, or triplets, or if we’re sure we’re not due tomorrow, or any other comment about our size is just.. RUDE. It’s rude,” she writes on her caption to the video. “It’s not endearing. You’re not making small talk. You’re being an a-hole. Plain and simple. And it’s time someone told you.”

Amen, sister.

“Hashtag: pregnant rage.”