Watch These Dads Scramble For Basic Facts About Their Kids And Die Laughing

by Julie Scagell

It’s hard not to laugh at these dads trying their hardest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

We know Jimmy Kimmel is famous for regularly interviewing folks on the street to inquire about things like what state is this, name a book (apparently there are people who can’t name a one), and whether they like Obamacare or the ACA better. But this time he decided to grill dads about whether they can answer basic facts about their kids.

Ahead of Father’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel Live hosted their first ever “Pop Quiz” segment where he stopped dads on the street to see how well they know their kids, in front of their kids. As you can imagine, this didn’t go well.

This poor dude’s questions started easy enough. “What’s your daughter’s favorite subject in school?” he was asked. “Social studies,” he answered quickly. “Is that true?” the interviewer asked his daughter. “No,” she said dryly. It didn’t seem to bother her too much until he was asked what grade she’s going into. “Ninth,” her dad answers confidently. This was her face.

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

He didn’t have much luck with his younger daughter’s school. He guessed a few different “creeks” then said, well it’s something “Creek.”

Narrator: It was not, in fact, creek anything.

Listen, dads are awesome. I know dads (including my own husband) who are uber-involved in their kid’s lives but can’t answer simple questions like what size clothes their littles wear, what their favorite show is, or who their (current) best friend is. They can’t be expected to remember everything you know, they aren’t mothers.

Kimmel has also famously had parents trick their kids by turning off their electronics without explanation and telling their kids they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy because it’s our jobs to make our kid’s lives hell sometimes. But this time the joke, was on them.

This dad didn’t do much better when asked what color his daughter’s eyes were. “Brown,” he answered as she gave him some peak side-eye. “Wrong,” the interviewer said after staring into his daughter’s blue eyes. “Well, I have a daughter with brown eyes,” he tries to offer up. Dude — quit while you’re not ahead.

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

A bunch of dads failed the “What is your kid’s teacher’s name” question, which, some of these dads have multiple kids, it’s not easy to keep all that in your short-term memory (says the mom who regularly forgets her kids’ teacher’s names). But this dude also failed the “what are their birthdays” question even though apparently one of his kid’s birthdays was, um, yesterday.

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you’re feeling a little worried for this guy because he’s lacking a lot of basic facts about his four daughters, perhaps wait a beat, because they eventually bring mom into the picture who quickly rattles off all four of their best friends’ first and last names, their doctor, dentist, and birthdays while her husband looked on in misery.

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

I can remember my dad staring into the bathroom cupboard looking for something and swearing on his life it wasn’t in there. My mom would sigh from somewhere in the house, walk up, grab it and put said item in my dad’s hands while not even taking her eyes off her book. What can we say? Dads are awesome, but moms always win.