Joanna Gaines Shares The Perfect Way To Store Old Baby Clothes

by Julie Scagell
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Why did we not think of such a simple way to store our kid’s keepsakes?

We all love Joanna Gaines, what with her eye for decorating and her amazingly luxurious hair. But if we needed one more reason to adore her, it would be for her latest idea for how to preserve our kid’s most prized possessions.

The HGTV star spent her holidays sorting out her attic and looking through her four kid’s baby clothes and old pictures. Because who doesn’t want to be nostalgic during the holidays? Everyone, that’s who. “I finally packed my favorite baby clothes and shoes for each kid,” Gaines wrote.

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And omgggg why didn’t we think of this sooner? Each one of her kid’s keepsakes looks to be neatly enclosed in a makeup/toiletries bag and they all fit perfectly inside to be saved forever. It’s the perfect way to hang onto those specific items you want to hang onto — like “going home” outfits and their first pair of shoes.

Gaines organized and shared how she came to such an adorable solution to preserve her families most personal items, writing, “I finally packed my favorite baby clothes and shoes for each kid. I wrote them a note for later in case they are sentimental like their mama.”

Not sure if you are like me but I have all my kid’s most sentimental items in one top dresser drawer all clumped together with the hope no one ever accidentally throws them away. The more kids you have, the harder it is to keep track of all the stuff you value. I couldn’t bear it if it were ever lost, and yet, I’ve had no imaginative way to preserve it. Her ideas take the guesswork out of it all.

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Gaines letters to her kids really seal the deal. You may forget all the emotions tied to their special pieces, but leave a message about what they mean to you, and it will stay with them forever.

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