Joe Biden's Granddaughter Posts Throwback Photo With The Obama Girls

by Kristine Cannon
Joe Biden's Granddaughter Posts Sweet Throwback Photo With The Obama Girls
Naomi Biden/Twitter

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Following last night’s Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden took to Twitter to share a throwback photo of her grandfather — wearing the Presidential Medal of Freedom — flanked by Naomi and former president Barack Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Naomi also gave Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris — and her mom — a sweet shoutout.

“Who run the world —> GIRLS,” Naomi captioned the image from 2017.

The Columbia Law School student’s tweets didn’t end there. During the DNC, the clearly proud granddaughter continued to show her support for Joe and his history-making VP pick, Kamala Harris.

“Tonight we learned: How @joebiden got to where he stands today: strong women,” Naomi also tweeted, “and how he will become the next POTUS: a strong woman. @kamalaharris you inspired girls around the world tonight that anything is possible. I think I know who we have to thank: Shyamala Harris.”

Last night, Kamala made history as the first woman of color to accept a major party nomination for Vice President — and her speech did not disappoint.

In her speech, Kamala recognized and paid tribute to the women who fought for the passage of the 19th amendment, which guarantees all American women the right to vote. “Yet so many of the Black women who helped secure that victory were still prohibited from voting, long after its ratification. But they were undeterred,” Kamala said.

“Without fanfare or recognition, they organized, testified, rallied, marched, and fought—not just for their vote, but for a seat at the table,” she continued. “These women and the generations that followed worked to make democracy and opportunity real in the lives of all of us who followed. They paved the way for the trailblazing leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And these women inspired us to pick up the torch, and fight on.”

Kamala then spoke of her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a woman “whose shoulders I stand on,” she said.

“My mother instilled in my sister, Maya, and me the values that would chart the course of our lives,” Kamala continued. “She raised us to be proud, strong Black women. And she raised us to know and be proud of our Indian heritage. She taught us to put family first—the family you’re born into and the family you choose.”

The entire speech is a must-watch/listen, and it ends with Kamala explaining why Joe must be elected as president.

“We have a chance to change the course of history,” she said. “We’re all in this fight. You, me, and Joe—together. What an awesome responsibility. What an awesome privilege.”

“We are all now Obama-Biden-Harris Democrats,” Naomi tweeted last night. “I am proud to be your granddaughter every single day @JoeBiden. But tonight, I am just as proud to be an American,” she wrote the night prior.