John Krasinski To Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony For Class Of 2020

by Madison Vanderberg
Actor John Krasinski
Mike Coppola/Getty

John Krasinski will host a live-streamed graduation ceremony this Friday

When coronavirus hit, content makers scrambled to find ways to keep doing their jobs and entertain the bored masses stuck at home under quarantine orders. John Krasinski, who presumably doesn’t have many movies to shoot at the moment, decided to put his own spin on the nightly news show and created the “Some Good News” YouTube show, which airs every Friday night and delivers well, some good news. He also used his new video platform to host a virtual prom for all the seniors who are, sadly, missing out on some of the most important milestones of their young lives. Due to the success of the online “prom,” Krasinski has taken it upon himself to host the first-ever global and virtual graduation ceremony.

“Alright, that’s it, enough is enough. All you graduates of 2020? After all those long hours you’ve put in. All the hard work you’ve put in…. you’re getting a graduation! And that’s all there is to it!” Krasinski wrote on social media. “This week! I’m there with tassels on! #SGNgraduation !!!”

Krasinski says the online ceremony is for “All graduates…from all places!” including college seniors and graduating 8th graders and that the “Some Good News Graduation” will air on YouTube this Friday, May 1, 2020, during his usual time slot of 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Though Krasinski said that “the most difficult thing about giving a commencement speech is making it personal enough,” he’s on the hunt for a valedictorian to give the big commencement speech and has asked graduating seniors to send in their speeches so he can choose the one superstar valedictorian who will address well, the entire world on Friday night.

Krasinski also asked seniors to send in questions they hope the chosen valedictorians can speak to and teens have written in with big questions like, “Uncertainty is going to be inevitable…how do we handle overcoming it?” and “How do you know when you’re on the right path to success?”

When Krasinski hosted the quarantine-era online prom, he managed to get superstars like Billie Eilish, Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and Rainn Wilson to Zoom into the prom as well, so who knows who he might get for the virtual graduation ceremony. Also, if the graduation ceremony is anything like the prom, the ceremony will stream live on YouTube, with an edited video going up on his channel after the fact.

Even when stay-at-home orders are lifted, can Krasinski still do his show, because he is a damn gem.