Chrissy Tiegen Shares Baby Pic Of John And OMG Luna Is His Twin

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Image via Neil Mockford/GC Images

Teigen shared a throwback pic proving her daughter looks just like her dad did as a baby

Anyone with eyes can see that John Legend and his toddler daughter Luna look a lot alike, but it’s actually Legend as a baby that’s pretty much his little girl’s twin. It’s almost freaky how closely they resemble each other, which is why his wife, Chrissy Teigen, felt the need to share an amazing photo of her husband as a baby. Because it could just as easily be their daughter.

Look how cute these two are. Adult Legend and sweet Luna are certainly related.

The “now” version of Legend bears a striking enough similarity to Luna, but it’s the “then” version that has us shook. As adorable Luna grows up, it’s undeniable that she’s pretty much a Xerox copy of her dad, and Teigen offers solid proof through a throwback photo she showing Legend when he was right around Luna’s age, and holy shit, the resemblance is so uncanny.

(Legend is the youngest one in the center, in case you were already suspicious that Luna had somehow traveled back in time to pose for that very vintage-y photo.)

For comparison, here is a recent shot Teigen posted of Luna:

I’m sorry, but if you can’t see that Luna and her dad are literally twins, you need to get your eyes checked. Even their precious flyaway baby bedhead is identical.

It’s too cute to see Chrissy relishing the ridiculous twinning between her husband and daughter, since there are many moms that would love having a “mini me” little girl of their own, but genes do as they please, and Luna is clearly her daddy’s doppelganger. This might be the most striking father-daughter lookalike duo we have ever seen. But did Luna get her father’s gorgeous voice, too? Here’s hoping, because John Legend is a gem, and we would not mind at all if he turned out to have a tiny clone.

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