A Taylor Swift Fan Sent John Mayer Threatening DMs... And He Responded

by Madison Vanderberg
Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty

John Mayer responds to a Taylor Swift fan who sent him a death threat

Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version) on Friday, November 12, 2021 and since then, the internet has been on the fritz. From the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” putting everyone in their 2011 feels again and the renewed talk of Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s doomed relationship, the Swifties are freaking out, and tbh, some are taking it a little too far. Case in point: a Taylor fan sent a death threat to one of Swift’s other exes, John Mayer, and much to the fan’s surprise, Mayer responded.

For starters, pop music stans are **takes a deep breath** a lot. Sending people death threats is kind-of a stan’s ~thing~ and artists like Demi Lovato have actually had to come out and tell their fans to cut it out with the threats on people’s lives. Anyway, back when Swift was 19, she dated a then-32-year-old Mayer. It did not go well, she allegedly wrote, “Dear John” about him, he criticized the song and called it “cheap songwriting,” and the public criticized their 12-year age difference. Swifities, in general, tend to dislike Mayer because of all the above reasons, but one took it too far this weekend.

Some random Swift fan DM’d Mayer recently to say, “f*ck yourself you ugly b*tch i hope you choke on something.” This was followed by a heart emoji and later, an “answer me you b*tch.” Surprisingly, Mayer replied.

“Hi Alondra, it’s John. I’ve been getting so many messages like these the past couple of days, I decided to choose your message at random to reply to,” he wrote. “You can feel free to screenshot, share in any way you like if you want. I’m not upset, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?”

Anyway, the fan shared the screengrabs of the conversation on TikTok (she has since made them private), though the images have made their way around social media. Buzzfeed News reports that the fan sent Mayer a voice recording after he responded, saying, “My friend literally dared me to do that. She’s a Taylor fan and like so am I. It was a dare. I’m sorry. I did not expect you to see.”

“So it’s a fun thing people are doing without taking into account that I might see it and be affected by it?” Mayer asked, to which the fan wrote, “Nobody really thought you would see it or answer since you are famous and don’t interact with random people. Again, very sorry!”

Mayer and the fan seemed to reach an agreement with Mayer stating that “there was some healing here today” and the fan telling him to “take care” and warning him that the fan threats would get worse when Swift re-releases her version of “Dear John.”

Listen, two things can be true. You can not support how Mayer treated Swift while they dating, but also not wish him dead. As a different Swift fan pointed out, “I know we hate john mayer the idiot but DEATH THREATS ? lets not embarrass taylor please.” Or as another Swift fan stated, “this is day one of me asking @taylorswift13 to please address this and tell fans this is not the way to support her.”

Let’s all cool it with the killing of Taylor’s ex boyfriends and just like, listen to All Too Well for the umpteenth time, kay?