'Cheers' Mailman John Ratzenberger Has A Plan To Support The USPS

by Julie Scagell
Timkasher/Twitter and Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty

Cliff Clavin is back with an important message

John Ratzenberger — the actor best known for playing the everyone’s favorite mailman Cliff Clavin on Cheers — was asked to give a cameo to remind people about the importance of the United States Postal Service given the upcoming election.

The video, which was posted to Twitter by Tim Kasher, the lead singer of Cursive, requested Ratzenberger give us a much needed pep talk on how to best support the USPS. “An important message from none other than Cliff Clavin (@dratzenberger) himself, asking us all to help keep @usps in business!! (thank you for your service, Mr. Ratzenberger).”

“The post office is in a little bit of a pickle right now,” the actor said in a video created via Cameo (a celebrity video-sharing website that charges $120 for a video from Cliff Clavin himself). “It is certainly in the news being bounced back and forth, so I had an idea. Why not do all your Christmas shopping early at the post office store? Why not translate the dollar amount you’re going to pay for Aunt Tilly’s new hat and just buy her that amount of stamps? Easy to carry, easy to mail, easy to ship, and it’s worth something, and it’ll be worth something for a long time.”

Both the White House and Senate Republicans have opposed $25 billion in emergency funding for the service after new policies surfaced from Trump-appointed Postmaster General which could have major impacts on mail-in voting for the November election. Democrats believe the Trump administration’s aim is to slow mail delivery ahead of the election that many more will use to cast their ballots during this pandemic.

Celebrities like Mark Hamill, Tom Hanks and Taylor Swift have been doing their part to educate their followers on the role of the USPS but what we really need is an insider like Ratzenberger who took his job as a mailman very seriously on Cheers to tell it like it is.

While he doesn’t get overly political, he does offer a plan to help support the service and help raise money for a critical government entity. “Because really, how many times is your Aunt Tilly going to even use that hat?” Ratzenberger continued. “Once? Twice? But how many times will she be using those stamps? That’s right, always thinking. So help your local post office; go down there and buy something.”

Ratzenberger has offered his praise of the Postal Service before the video, tweeting a thank you back in April for all they are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cheers, Cliff Clavin. Here’s hoping everyone can do their part to get the USPS the support it needs.