John Stamos Says His Son Is Suddenly Obsessed With 'Full House'

by Lauren Gordon
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Wheelhouse

John Stamos shared on Instagram that since losing friend Bob Saget, son Billy has become all about “Full House”

The loss of comedian, actor, and America’s TV dad Bob Saget sent ripples through the entertainment industry. He was found dead at 65 in an Orlando hotel room, reportedly from sudden heart failure.

Saget’s former costar and dear friend John Stamos’ public grief has been one of the hardest and most bittersweet things to witness. Stamos tells fans he’s “broken” and “gutted” in the wake of his friend’s passing.

But as anyone who has lost someone significant knows, we try to find little ways to keep their memory alive. Lucky for Uncle Jesse, he has many seasons worth of memories to help him (and us) keep Saget’s memory alive and well.

What’s even cooler? Stamos’ 3-year-old son Billy is finally getting into the beloved show that introduced us to the Tanner clan.

In the video we see a shot of the TV playing a scene where the guys are trying to get baby Michelle to bed. Uncle Joey picks up an infant Olsen twin (sorry, I don’t know which one) and does one of his crazy character voices. The camera pans to his son with Billy happily exclaiming: “This is funny!”


“Billy was never interested in Full House and I was perfectly fine with that.,” Stamos captioned the video. “Bob died, now he’s obsessed! I blame Bob. (And nanny, @tayloraldrich).”

People were swooning over this sweet moment.

Stamos’ public vulnerability is honestly such a gift. We hope he finds peace and joy in those happy memories that he now gets to relive with his son.