JoJo Siwa Shuts Down Homophobic Mom's Comment With A Single Word

by Cassandra Stone
JoJo Siwa/Instagram

JoJo Siwa had the perfect response to an angry Karen who doesn’t want her daughter to watch her videos anymore

Last week, massively popular kids pop star, JoJo Siwa, brilliantly and bravely came out as gay in an Instagram post. With millions of young fans worldwide, the impact JoJo will have as an out member of the LGBTQ community is honestly profound. But of course, where there’s a bunch of happy people celebrating something, a cranky Karen has to perch behind her keyboard, ready to take a dump on it.

The 17-year-old initially sprang to fame as a cast member on Dance Moms, and her pop career exploded from there. She’s made her glittery, rainbow-filled mark on the world with her songs, costumes, videos, and enormous line of merch that young kids go crazy for.

Well, one less kid, apparently. A homophobic mom decided to let JoJo know that she’s not going to allow her daughter to remain a fan of JoJo’s, which is a crappy thing to do — both to JoJo and this woman’s poor daughter who just wants to bop bop twist twist to her favorite pop star’s super catchy tunes. Luckily, the woman was handled with a single word and punctuation mark.

“Okay!” is honestly perfect? Sure, it’s just one word, but it reads like JoJo’s signature perky voice and also like “THIS ISN’T AN AIRPORT, NO NEED TO ANNOUNCE YOUR DEPARTURE YA HOMOPHOBE” (okay maybe that’s just this author’s creative interpretation, but still).

After her announcement last Friday, she followed up with a video on her Instagram page thanking her fans and her family for their support. She also clarified that she’s not ready to share how she identifies regarding a specific label, but did refer to herself as “gay” in her initial coming out post.

The response to JoJo’s coming out has been enormously positive. Celebrities and young fans have all shared their support and love for her, and it’s honestly so beautiful to see. Coming out is never easy, but coming out at 17 while you’re at the height of your career with so many young fans is nothing short of remarkable and should be celebrated as such.

My daughter is only five years old, but her YouTube algorithm brought JoJo Siwa videos into our lives sometime last summer. She adores her. The songs, the colors, the dancing, the makeup — she has JoJo dance parties in our living room multiple times per week. She couldn’t have a birthday party this year for obvious reasons, but we baked a JoJo cake and hung JoJo decorations and it was one of the best birthdays ever.

She saw her beloved JoJo was being discussed on the news over the weekend, and she asked why. I told her. She said “That’s so cool! I love JoJo. Maybe I’ll marry a girl when I grow up.” I told her she and JoJo could marry whoever they want to — if they even want to get married someday. It’s that simple.

We love you, JoJo!