James Charles & JoJo Siwa Gave Each Other Jaw-Dropping Makeovers

James Charles & JoJo Siwa Gave Each Other Makeovers And It's Too Cute
James Charles/Youtube

JoJo Siwa, literal sunshine in human form, just got a jaw-dropping makeover from James Charles

It’s hard to miss internet sensation JoJo Siwa! She’s typically dripping in glitter, rainbows, sequins, hearts, and stars — which is to say she has her own distinctive style that perfectly reflects her relentlessly positive personality. But over the weekend, fans got to see a side of Siwa unlike anything they’ve seen before. Celebrity makeup artist and YouTube influencer James Charles gave her a full glam makeover, and the results are dramatic.

ICYMI, Siwa shot to fame after appearing on the viral reality series Dance Moms. Over the last few years, she’s gone from relative obscurity to superstardom thanks to her colorful, kid-like wardrobe and infectious attitude. In full disclosure, I adore Siwa because (a) she’s an incredible role model for kids, (b) she might actually be one of the most decent humans on the planet, and (c) she’s just downright adorable.

Having said that, we’re low-key obsessed with the elegant makeover Charles gave her. She looks like an old-school Hollywood starlet.

After the big reveal, Siwa admitted she was impressed with Charles’ work, too. “I will say, it’s very pretty and you did a wonderful job on the hair and on the makeup,” she shared, adding, “Obviously it’s not me, I mean, you know how I showed up here in sparkles and bright pink and neon and rainbow, but it is really pretty and you did an incredible job.”

Siwa even joked that she no longer felt like “JoJo” anymore, saying, “I feel like a different person. I feel like I’m Joelle right now.” And while we can probably all agree the look is definitely a departure from Siwa’s signature style, she does look just like someone. That someone is fellow YouTuber Nikkie de Jager (best known by her channel name, NikkiTutorials). As Nikkie observed in the comments, “THAT IS MY LITERAL TWIN.”

Makeover likenesses aside, Siwa is truly in a category all her own. Her constantly growing brand includes everything from jewelry and hair accessories (JoJo’s BowBows!) to furniture and bedding. “My brand is a billion-dollar brand,” she told Charles. “Now, I don’t have a billion dollars. Like, I need to make that very clear. But the JoJo Siwa brand is a billion-dollar brand.”

So, we’re with Charles in that we have a hard time understanding how anyone could scoff at that. However, in true Siwa fashion, she even finds a way to endear herself to her haters. “I’m a giant toddler and I have a receding hairline,” she joked. “I would make fun of me, too.”

Yep, it’s official. She’s the most precious person.

If you can handle even more of Siwa’s sheer adorableness, you should also check out the video of her giving Charles a JoJo Siwa makeover. Find it here, but don’t say we didn’t warn you — you’re going to find it impossible not to like her even more after today.