Josh Gad Shares Photo Of The Sad 'Olaf' Snowman His Kids Made

by Julie Scagell
Instagram/Josh Gad

Josh Gad’s kids may need a lesson in snowman building

Everyone’s favorite Frozen character Olaf is always looking for the positive in any situation, so when the voice of Olaf’s Josh Gad shared a picture of a tragic snowman his kids built, you can’t help but laugh at the sight of it.

“The children of ‘Olaf’ built this and I am ashamed and embarrassed,” Gad wrote on Instagram next to a picture of a very sad, very lethargic snowman in their yard. I’m not sure if it’s partially melted but it looks like he’s just learned Frozen isn’t getting a third sequel.

Gad has voiced the iconic character in Frozen and Frozen 2 and says he often gets recognized when he’s out and about. “I would say that not a day goes by that I don’t get a look at a Starbucks or a gas station,” Gad told People. “It could be the most inopportune time. There was an incident recently where I was trying to tell my daughter not to do something because it was unsafe, having this moment of pure unadulterated parenting, and a kid comes up to me and is like, ‘Is Olaf mad at his daughter?’”

Gad was recently honored by the Annie Awards, a group that recognizes excellence in animation in film and television, for his work bringing Olaf to life. “Thank u dearly @AnnieAwards 4 honoring me once again 4 voicing Olaf,” Gad wrote on Twitter. “The truth is, he’s the greatest gift in the world & ur generous recognition of my work is truly the icing on the cake. I blame my needy daughters who desired I take them skiing because they care not 4 my success.”

Regardless of his kid’s snowman-building skills, Gad said it was his daughter who inspired Olaf’s journey in Frozen 2. “Four years ago, during dinner one night our beautiful little girl had a huge epiphany that shook her to her core…we all have to grow up,” he shared on Instagram. “It just so happens that I shared this video with our brilliant Frozen 2 team at the time and said, I believe this should be Olaf’s journey in Frozen 2. I’m beyond grateful they felt the same way because growing up is so very hard and all of us have this moment at some point in our lives.”

Here’s hoping there will be Frozen sequels forever because none of us are ready to say goodbye to Olaf.