Pennsylvania AG's Son Walking In On Live Interview Was The LOL We Desperately Needed

by Julie Scagell

If you have a teen, you’ll recognize his son’s aimless walking while scrolling stance

Joe Biden has just been elected the 46th President of the United States, but before that historic Saturday morning announcement, we were basically sleepwalking through all five days of the election vote-counting process. With our nerves understandably shot, and our mood hanging on a knife’s edge, thank god for Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s teenage son to bust us out of our stupor and give us the laugh we so desperately needed.

Shapiro was speaking to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on Friday night about GOP legal action filed in his state asking election officials to stop counting some ballots because Trump was sad that he was losing. All seemed to be going swimmingly until Shapiro’s son decided to casually walk into the room unaware his dad was on live TV. The teen seems to pause deer-in-headlights-style and does what any embarrassed teen should do — walks backwards out of the room like nothing happened.

I was one of the fortunate souls to watch this live and I’m not exaggerating when I say my husband and I rewound the moment no less than 14 times and was the highlight of our evening. Twitter was also very much here for the moment and delivered hilarious commentary for it:

Shapiro himself got in on the fun, saying he’s taking his son’s phone away for 24 hours. On his official profile, Shapiro joked that the incident had been proof that he will “never be as interesting as TikTok.”

Not only is this every parent during a pandemic right now where the lines of work and home are constantly blurred, this teen is also all of us during this hellish election week. Just constantly turning on the news, seeing no updates, and then backing out of the room.

The Democratic AG, who was re-elected this week, has four children — Sophia, Jonah, Max, and Reuben — his political biography says. On Twitter, Shapiro’s daughter referenced the viral incident, saying she was a “proud sister” which is the perfect sibling response. “My brother is a meme now and I am here for it,” she wrote.

Trump has claimed, without evidence, all week that Democrats were trying to “steal the election,” citing mail fraud and repeatedly stating that voting was being manipulated so he would lose the election. Now that the race has been called and Biden is officially President-Elect Biden, Trump’s rhetoric will likely continue but when we need a break, we always have Shapiro’s son to make us laugh.