JWoww’s Photo Of Her Adorable Infant In A Pool Brings All The Sanctimommies To The Yard

by Megan Zander
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Jenni JWoww posts homemade sunscreen recipe after she gets shamed on the internet

When Jenni JWoww Farley posted an adorable photo of her two-month-old son Greyson in the pool with her husband on Instagram, she probably expected some comments about how big he was getting or maybe remarks about how ridiculously cute he looked in his hat. In public people coo appropriately over an adorable infant in a pool, but online where everyone feels free to be an asshole behind the the anonymity of their screen it’s a different story. Some of Farley’s followers decided to hate on the picture, even going so far as to question whether the baby was wearing sunscreen.

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Most of the commentators saw the picture for the innocent image that it was, but simply because there wasn’t a big old bottle of sunblock in the frame or visible lotion streaks on his skin, some though Farley was failing in her duties as a parent. Others were more concerned with the pool itself, “Chlorine pools do shit all to babies.. Jeez why the fuck is this planet filled with so many stupid people..” Just in case anyone reading this is also concern trolling out over the thought of a baby being held in a chlorine pool, you can exhale now – she later posted that it was actually salt water.

Even though many of her followers were schooling her trolls for her, Farley couldn’t help dropping a truth bomb of her own, and who could blame her? It’s a bold move to claim someone isn’t looking out for their child’s best interest, especially based off a single photo. She posted her homemade sunscreen recipe to Instagram, along with some choice words for her critics.

“Not even sure why I am even doing this but I feel like schooling people on my previous post,” she writes. She explains that Greyson wasn’t submerged, but was in the water up to his belly and for only three minutes. Then she details the exact sunscreen recipe she used on her baby saying it’s, “Probably even better than the crap shit you lather your children in. Remember assholes I’m in the tanning industry and pride myself on knowing this.”

Farley has an almost two-year-old daughter, she’s not new to the mom game. And if anyone has their kid’s best interest at heart it’s the parents — not some rando commenting on the internet. Sure, Farley’s epic smackdown provided her with the perfect excuse to use the cool middle finger emoji, but it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. We joke about how judging parents on the internet is the crappy new American pastime, but it really sucks that our knee jerk reaction is to always think the worst of moms and never ever give them the benefit of the doubt.

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