Meet The Amazing 9-Year-Old Girl Who Creates Care Packages For Homeless Women

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Kare Bags created after a girl walked by homeless people on her way to school

A 9-year-old girl from Southern California has already made a bigger impact on her community than most of us ever will. She’s the founder of Khloe Kares, a charity that helps homeless women.

Alongside her grandmother, Khloe Thompson sews homemade cloth bags that she calls Kare Bags. Then she fills them with soap, deodorant, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, and other necessities and passes them out to the homeless women in her neighborhood.

“I would pass the same homeless people, and then I would always ask my mom why or how did they get there,” the elementary school student explained. Khloe often passed the people on her way to school, and her instinct was to find a way to help. “Sometimes they give me hugs, sometimes they say ‘God bless you,’ and then they say ‘thank you’ or they’ll just do all those three,” Khloe shared in a video by Popsugar.

While the items inside the bag are incredibly important for everyone – especially those living on the street – Khloe takes pride in making the bags beautiful too. “I would think they could have a nice, sturdy bag so that they can keep forever and it wouldn’t just break like a regular plastic bag,” she shared.

Khloe’s mom, Alisha Thompson, was a bit hesitant to let her daughter pass out the bags at first. “Just as a parent you’re going to be concerned about her walking up to random strangers,” she said. “Thankfully Khloe has something about her where people really warm up to her quickly.”

While Khloe is obviously helping her community in a tremendous way, her family said she's helping them too. "She has kind of opened our eyes to be more helpful, be more respectful, and just be more aware," her mom said. After her first big idea was a success, Khloe started thinking of more ways to reach out. She recently hosted a toy drive for kids who live in group homes. "These kids have not had the same advantages as I have had in life, and I really want to give back and brighten their day," she shared.

Khloe continues to create the Kare Bags as she brainstorms even more ways her charity can reach vulnerable people in her community. She hopes her efforts will inspire others to help the homeless. "Don't be so afraid of them," she said. "They're just a normal person like you."

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