A Karen Falsely Accuses 2 Black Women Of Threatening Her

by Erica Gerald Mason
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In the videos, recorded by two TikTokers, the woman informs a 911 dispatcher that the Black women are intending to ‘beat’ her

Karen, Karen, Karen. When will the Karens of the world learn to mind their business? Surely a global pandemic and the rise in COVID vaccinations is reason enough for the world to gather and bask in our common humanity. To that, the Karens say ‘nah, I’m good.’

A recent viral TikTok video shows the newest Karen in her favorite habitat: a public park. Central Park, to be exact. In the series of videos, Karen accuses two Black women of threatening to kill her after they asked her to hand them back a phone changer they dropped during a bike ride.

Yeah. The audacity.

The TikToks were posted by Alana Lambert (@alanalambert) on Wednesday. The video begins with what Lambert meant to be the first moments of a bike ride around Central Park in New York City – just Lambert and her friend.

Let’s break down the disturbing facts, shall we?

“Part 2” (a bit of a misnomer, as it is the first video of the series), tells viewers the circumstances in which Lambert dropped the charger. The text on screen reads: “I brought my portable charger & it slipped off my friend’s bike. This lady lunges for the charger and claims we will have to provide proof to get this charger back.”

The woman, whom Lambert calls “NYC Karen,” strides toward a passerby and says, “They are threatening me, and they are going to kill me.”

In the next video, Lambert offers a summary of the incident. Onscreen, our Karen is evidently on the phone with 911, telling the dispatcher that the women are trying to “beat” her. Karen takes the apparent falsehood one step further, by pretending the women are assaulting her, telling the dispatcher, “They’re already touching me!”

It should go without saying, but the two women are not, in fact, touching the Karen in the video.

“I’m not saying I’m not going to give it to you; you have to prove that it’s yours,” Karen assures the women.

Lambert, who should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for her grace under pressure, asks Karen, “Are you racist or something?”

Karen answers in a way, that is not all together unexpected: “Yes, I am. I pick my race over any race. What’s your problem?”

In chapter 4, the women continue their effort to retrieve their charger from the woman.

In chapter 5, both sides try to offer their version of what happened to New York City police.

In chapter 6, Lambert tells viewers that she and her friend got her charger back. In a frustrating turn of events, the text overlay of the video mentioned that one of the officers believed the charger belonged to Lambert but stated that he is “going to wait until (the woman) calms down” and walks away before handing it back to her.

“Enabling?” Lambert captioned the video.

After following up the next day to press charges, Lambert posted an update on TikTok:

Another TikTok user recognized the Karen, and claims she’s run into her before.

At press time, it’s unclear what will happen to this particular Karen. It’s worth noting that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that makes it illegal to make phony race-based calls to 911.

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