Kate Hudson Says Her C-Section Was The ‘Laziest Thing’ She's Ever Done

by Valerie Williams
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Come again?

Anyone who’s had a baby in any fashion knows there’s not a single part of the process that could be termed “lazy,” which is why Kate Hudson’s recent comment about her c-section being the “laziest” thing she’s ever done has us a little shook. And a lot confused.

The eyebrow-raising (and totally bizarre) remark comes from the October issue of Cosmopolitan that features Hudson on the cover (looking amazing, we might add) and a lengthy interview inside about all things Kate.

The questionnaire is even done up in a totes relatable dream journal sort of font, super breezy and casual, right? Nothing out of the ordinary about any of this. We’re paging through reading her answers like, wow, we love her. So down to earth. She’s just like us! And then?


Image via Cosmopolitan

We got to that part and were all, the fuck? Like, what in the actual fuck?

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Because honestly Kate, where the hell did that come from? We’re thinking she meant it as a joke based on a 2013 comment she made about her “lazy” surgical birth. “The doctor said I could go home,” she said. “I was like, ‘I am not going home, just don’t want to do this again. Let’s just have a C-section’.”

So maybe she thought it funny to suggest that opting to have her baby removed via a slice in her abdomen instead of waiting for labor to happen was lazy? LOL, right? What’s lazier than a c-section? I’ve had two and let me tell y’all — I felt lazy AF the whole time.

While numb from the chest down, motionless on an operating table, hearing my own blood being suctioned from the fresh hole cut into my stomach, I thought to myself — this is so fucking lazy.

As I watched nurses hold and weigh my new infants while I couldn’t move a single inch and was forced to listen to doctors discuss my innards when all I wanted was to know whether my kid was OK, I was all — I could be doing so much more than just lying here being operated on right now.

During that first feeble attempt at hobbling my surgery-worn body down the hospital hallway I was plagued with thoughts that I had taken the “lazy” way out. Like, who did I even think I was, some kind of princess?

When my husband returned to work almost immediately, leaving me with a toddler and infant to care for by myself, which proved so rigorous my gaping wound literally refused to heal, I thought — I’m so god damn lazy.

For weeks as I found myself limping around the house with an infant fused to my boobs, screaming internally at all hours, because any movement at all caused a searing white pain to emit from my mid-section, all I could think was, I’m the laziest girl in all of the land.

Look, Kate Hudson seems like a chill sort of chick. She even makes some relatable comments in the interview about her kids’ surfing and dirt-biking hobbies giving her mom anxiety, but the c-section quip was just so off-the-wall we have to hope she was totally kidding.

Seriously, Kate. We really hope you were kidding.

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