Katherine Webb-McCarron Shuts Down 'Nasty' DMs About Her Body Post-Baby

katherine webb-mccarron calls out body shamers on instagram stories
(Katherine Webb-McCarron / Instagram)

Model Katherine Webb-McCarron has received some gross DMs about her postpartum body and decided she’s not going to take it anymore

Once again, the internet feels entitled to commenting on a woman’s body. On January 26, Katherine Webb-McCarron took to her Instagram stories to vent about the nasty hate she’s received on her posts and in her DMs about her weight since she welcomed her third child with husband A.J. McCarron, Gunnar Cruz, back in April 2021.

“Listen, haters,” started the model, who is also mom to sons Cash Carter, 3, and Anthony “Tripp” McCarron III, 5. “I’ve given birth to three whole kids in the last five years. Stop sending me nasty DMs about my weight and my stomach. My weight is fine. Do I wanna lose some? Yes. But it doesn’t have to be asap.”

(Katherine Webb-McCarron / Instagram)

The clapback came after the former Miss Alabama said she wanted to start sharing photos of herself again

“I promised myself I’d start posting more, so here’s a good first attempt 😎,” she captioned the series of shots of herself sporting athleisure wear and a pair of too-cool-for-school shades. This kind of goes without saying, but by conventional standards she is hot AF, so we are still confused as to why people felt the need to comment on this series of shots.

And, even if she didn’t have a body that fits the exclusive and impossible cultural standards of “hotness,” people still wouldn’t have a right to comment on her body. Period.

Fortunately, McCarron has a lot of support in her corner. “Honeyyyyyy! You are hotter than a hot cheetah 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” commented one person. “Just out here looking fire and amazing ❤️” added another. “Last pic with the cutie is my fave 😍,” said another friend. McCarron is also a fan of the pics starring Gunnar.

“His face had me cracking up when I was going thru these,” Webb-McCarron wrote on another slide in her Instagram story. “Just let me liveeee my lil dude.”

(Katherine Webb-McCarron / Instagram)

When Webb first announced her pregnancy in October 2020, she opened up about conversations she had with her agent regarding her weight gain. “I told my agent, ‘What you see is what you get,’ when I sent her these digitals yesterday. I’ve already gained 20 pounds in my first trimester, and I have no idea why. Especially since I threw up so much from morning sickness. They say the normal weight to gain is two to four pounds so I’m way past that. Round three has been the hardest but thankful to have a healthy pregnancy. Can’t wait for your arrival in April, little man.”

Webb experienced similar body and weight changes after her second pregnancy. “Eight months today,” she captioned an Instagram photo. “I’ve gained 40lbs so far, much more than my first at this point and I still have a ways to go. I don’t feel like I eat a lot more than normal, so it’s strange as to where it’s coming from but I’m embracing my black leggings every day fo sho,” she said.