Katy Perry Hopes Her Baby Is A Girl, And That Is Perfectly Fine

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Katy Perry Is Allowed To Say She Hopes Her Baby Is A Girl So STFU: Katy Perry performs
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I’m sure you have heard the news: Katy Perry is pregnant She and fiance, Orlando Bloom, are expecting their first child together this summer.

She’s obviously over the moon about this exciting time. Perry took to the stage at the Women’s Cricket World Cup in Melbourne, Australia telling her fans she hopes she’s having a girl.

Cue the outrage from folks who can’t mind their own damn business. People felt the need to chime in with their unsolicited opinions, shaming her for having thoughts and feelings around wanting a girl.

One commenter replied on Facebook saying, ” As long as the baby is healthy that’s all that should matter 💙.”

While another said, “You don’t say it out loud, especially if you’re famous. Her son will have a complex his whole life, on top of the fact his mom is Katy Perry.”

Folks, take a breath. Settle down. Katy Perry is in no way trying to make anyone have a complex, please.

Someone chimed in with,“Just pray for a healthy baby omg 😮 I’m so tired of her.”

Well, since you are so tired of her, maybe you just keep scrolling and carry on with yourself. Also, it’s considered offensive to many to say ‘as long as baby is healthy’ too, so there’s another reason for you to just zip it.

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Then there are the angels who offer up a voice of reason and aren’t out for blood who say things like, “Everyone wants one or the other first, I highly doubt her child will feel any type of way because of it.”

Amen. Chill out. CTFD.

Why are so many people out there acting like having a preference is unheard of? She can feel how she wants to feel. She is the one growing the the baby growing inside of her. Having an opinion about the sex of her baby is allowed, not to mention completely normal. Let’s stop finding additional ways to shame pregnant people/parents.

Of course Katy Perry, as well as every other person who’s ever been expecting or hoping a child comes into their life, is just excited to have this experience and become a mom. Saying you prefer one sex over the other doesn’t mean you are not also taking the health, wellbeing, and care of your baby seriously. Why would anyone ever think that, let alone say it?

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted a boy so badly that I researched sexual positions to try if you were hoping for a boy. I wasn’t afraid to tell people I was hoping for a boy. I had my own reasons too: I didn’t grow up with brothers, and my mom had recently cared for a little boy I fell madly in love with. I wanted my first child to be a son, and I was hoping for a girl for my second.

I didn’t feel any shame about it. Not even when people thought they needed to check me and would say things like, “Well of course you just hope it’s healthy, right?”

Um, yes. That’s a given, you absolute dick, now go keep your unwanted opinion to yourself.

Of course, Katy Perry will be elated with a boy. No, she will not love him any less. That’s not how it goes, and we all know it. You see your child, you fall in love with them (sometimes this part doesn’t happen immediately and that’s normal too), and you are a goner. They become the most important person in your life and you will move mountains to ensure they are happy and well-cared for. You don’t try less hard to raise a good human because you were really hoping they had different genitalia.

And those who feel the need to say such things really need to take up a new hobby. Like minding their own damn business and shutting their trap, for starters.

Yes, even when we are talking about public figures, Karen.

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