Katy Perry Stopped Shaving Her Legs Since Becoming A Mom & #Relatable

by Erica Gerald Mason
American Idol/YouTube

Katy Perry showed that occasionally you have to make a choice between shaving your legs or wearing makeup – and there’s no such thing as a wrong choice

You guys. YOU GUYS. Katy Perry just gave mamas everywhere the nod. You know the one. You’re out at, say, a grocery store and you see a mama doing something very mama-like. Maybe she’s dealing with a toddler temper tantrum. Or a mother-in-law temper tantrum. Or she’s trying to breastfeed her bebe while simultaneously trying to bribe her toddler with a warm cup of fruit and three pretzel sticks. The two of you make eye contact – and nod at each other. The nod that says, it’s you today, but yesterday it was me.

It’s the mommy equivalent of ‘Stay gold, ponyboy’, and it’s a beautiful, welcoming thing.

New moms are trying to figure it all out, and Katy Perry, who recently welcomed babe Daisy Dove with fiancé Orlando Bloom, has determined that right now, leg shaving isn’t the most important part of her day. Perry seems to have made the decision that her family needs her attention more than her legs.

Last month, Perry told Entertainment Tonight, “motherhood makes you feel powerful, but it also makes you feel vulnerable.”

Not that Katy (or anyone else, for that matter), needs permission to groom themselves however they want. It’s the mama nod of it all, you see.

On the April 4th episode of American Idol, judge Perry told contestant Cassandra Coleman, “Your voice is a spiritual experience. It is otherworldly, angelic. As a new mother, I don’t have very much time, so I’ve quit shaving my legs. But when you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch and a half. Full body chills! It was amazing.”

Like the badass mum she is, Perry then lifted her legs and placed them on the judges’ table, and co-judge Luke Bryan verified, “She literally has leg hair.”

We’re all nodding with you, Katy. You and your magnificent leg hair.

American Idol posted the photo to its Twitter account, deciding to… maybe mock Perry? You be the judge:

“Me: I’m going to be productive today,” says one line, with the next line reading by “Also me:” along with a photo of Perry’s legs.

Or maybe American Idol missed an opportunity to point out the fact that Perry left her baby and came to the studio ready to work? And leg hair (or the absence thereof) has no bearing on one’s ability to work?

Pardon us. Our feminism is showing.

We see you, super-adorable Katy Perry (and hardworking mamas everywhere).

Legend status. Perhaps the start of something new: giving the hairs on your legs chills. To replace your grandmother’s idioms like ‘chill bumps’ or ‘chills down my spine’ — let’s make it catch on… for Katy. For all mamas. For us.

Stay gold.