Kelly Clarkson's Toddler Struggling To Keep Snacking While Falling Asleep Is All Of Us

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Instagram

Who needs sleep when there’s snacks?

Kelly Clarkson is a cool AF, super down-to-earth celebrity mom we love and adore. We now love her even more because we have video evidence that she’s raising her kids with their priorities perfectly in line.

As in, sleep and eat and eat and sleep. And if you must, do both at the same time.

The pop star recently shared an adorable video on her Instagram page of three-year-old daughter River Rose strapped securely in her car seat, drifting off to sleep as the world passes by out her window, with a snack trap full of goodies in one precious little hand. We’re in love with this brief video because this child is us.

The caption reads, “River Rose is never too sleepy for a snack. She is the funniest kid!”

Yes, it is funny, but this is also real as hell. Who among us hasn’t been drowsing out to Netflix, hand in the chip bowl, wearily raising one handful after another to our mouths until we’re literally unconscious? River Rose is just living her best life, and we’re super here for it. She may be falling asleep, but her hands and mouth are still working away on whatever yum-yums happen to be in there. Because, priorities.

Lots of commenters on Clarkson’s Instagram page are praising the little girl, calling River a “multi-tasker,” and we fully agree. Why just eat when you can also grab a snooze? Why just catch a few winks when you can also do snacks? Combining these two crucial life functions isn’t just fun times, it’s time-saving.

And real talk, this is possibly the cutest thing a toddler does. Both of my kids did it — we have video footage of my son in his highchair, head drooping down until his chin touched his chest and then, BAM. Half-awake and continuing to stuff scrambled eggs into his mouth. His mind wanted sleep. His body wanted food. Nature finds a way, y’all.

We love Kelly Clarkson because she keeps it real with her parenting, and we love watching the down-to-earth mom moments she has with her little ones. We might not have a glamorous, pop star existence, but we can all share the joy of seeing our toddlers stuff their faces with snacks while they half-snooze.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

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