Kelly Ripa Claps Back At Viewers Critiquing Her Work-At-Home Appearance

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Kelly Ripa Claps Back At Idiot Viewers Critiquing Her Work-At-Home Appearance
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Kelly Ripa has strong words for viewers making negative comments about her at-home on-air appearance

As if there wasn’t already enough heavy stuff in the world to deal with right now, there are people who feel it’s necessary to pick fights about things like… makeup. Yes, you read that right. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have — like many talk show hosts — been broadcasting Live With Kelly and Ryan from their respective homes. And while it’s applaudable that they’re continuing to put the effort in to keep fans entertained, Ripa and Seacrest apparently aren’t putting in enough effort for some of those fans.

On Friday’s telecast of the show, Seacrest kicked things off by addressing the fact that he put on makeup for the episode. “People love to comment on the home edition of the show, and a couple of people may have said that every once in awhile we’re shiny in our DIY show process. And so you recommended that I get something, and I have it standing by,” he explained, alluding to a bronzing powder suggested by Ripa.

That gave Ripa the segue she needed to address anyone saying negative things about the way the co-hosts look right now.

“First of all, let me just say, to people commenting on our appearance: How dare you and you’re lucky that we actually put clothes on. Because it’s harder than you think to roll out of bed and come to a TV show. It’s counter-intuitive,” she pointedly said. “I am this close to just pulling the laptop into the bed. But I’m not going to do that, because I keep telling myself, ‘You’re a professional and this is still a TV show and the days still matter.’ It’s kind of like my mantra.”

She went on to underscore that the pandemic has shifted her perspective in more ways than one, saying, “I, for one, have not ordered makeup. I am just using what I have. Some of it is, I’m sure, probably toxic. It’s probably way past its expiration date. I don’t care. I have a new outlook on life. Certain things don’t matter anymore and my appearance is one of those things that just don’t matter.”

As for Seacrest, he cares enough to take Ripa’s makeup tips, confirming he wears Guerlain’s Terracotta — which he applies with a brush that is “pure heavenly sensation on one’s human skin.” However, like Ripa, he’s okay with not wearing makeup and with others skipping it, too. He appreciates the fact that people going makeup-free means they’re “comfortable just being themselves.”

It goes without saying that coming at Ripa and Seacrest over the way they look is a dick move. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. People are dying. Life as we know it may never be the same. If you’re worried about whether someone on TV’s skin is too shiny, you need the priorities-check Ripa just served.

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