Kelly Ripa Claps Back At Troll Who Criticized Her On-Camera Appearance

by Madison Vanderberg
Kelly Ripa
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Kelly Ripa serves up clap back to troll who says she looks sloppy onscreen

Throughout the pandemic, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been filming their daily morning show from home and are doing a surprisingly great job carrying the show remotely from the safety of their laptops. Despite their daily hustle to keep the show going, some viewers love to take issue with their appearance on the show. Just last month someone complained that the hosts looked “shiny” and this week someone called out their “lack of personal grooming.” Not one to be bullied by a troll, Ripa clapped the hell back.

In a teaser for the upcoming season of Live With Kelly And Ryan, a troll slid into the Ripa’s comments to say she looked sloppy, and I cannot roll my eyes harder.

“The only issue I have with this show (and I watch daily since I am at home nowadays) is the lack of personal grooming,” the person commented. “I mean it’s a nationally televised show. And I have to get dressed for every Zoom work call so why can’t you guys.”

First of all, Ripa and Seacrest get dressed so I’m not even sure what the issue is, but regardless, Ripa had the best response. “I’ll bring that up at the next meeting,” she quipped.

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Back in May, the two hosts discussed the fact that they’d been criticized for being too “shiny” since they don’t have professional makeup artists.

“First of all, let me just say, to people commenting on our appearance: How dare you and you’re lucky that we actually put clothes on. Because it’s harder than you think to roll out of bed and come to a TV show,” Ripa stated. “I am this close to just pulling the laptop into the bed. But I’m not going to do that, because I keep telling myself, ‘You’re a professional and this is still a TV show and the days still matter.’ It’s kind of like my mantra.”


She then went on to remind everyone that we’re in a pandemic and wearing makeup literally doesn’t matter. “I don’t care,” she said. “I have a new outlook on life. Certain things don’t matter anymore and my appearance is one of those things that just don’t matter.”

Imagine complaining that the TV hosts who are hustling to bring you FREE content during a global health crisis don’t look good enough for you.