Ken Jeong and Amanda Seyfried On The 6 Throwbacks the World Needs Now


Ken Jeong and Amanda Seyfried On The 6 Throwbacks the World Needs Now

by Team Scary Mommy

Have you missed Scooby-Doo? Me too. Luckily, Scoob!, the movie, is out. We can all agree a lot has changed since the pandemic, so nothing feels better than getting nostalgic, especially with movies. That is why watching Scoob! really hits the spot right now, especially with stars like Ken Jeong and Amanda Seyfried cast in it. Yay! Something to look forward to for the whole family! Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

Ken Jeong is the voice of Dynomutt and Amanda Seyfried is the voice Daphne in this computer-animated version of the Scooby-Doo gang. We got to sit down with Ken and Amanda who took a moment to get nostalgic with us. From sprinklers to walkmen to underoos, we got some good tidbits from their childhood. Who knew Ken Jeong liked Purple Rain and Amanda Seyfried played in sprinklers? If you were wondering if there any similarities between The Hangover and Scoob!, Ken breaks it down for you.

If you’ve been starved for a “ruh roh Raggy!” or a “Jeepers!” or a “Zoinks!,” you are in store for a treat with Scoob! In the end, the consensus is we all need to see Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne again. It’s like reuniting with old friends and you don’t even have to do it over Zoom. Getting back together with the Scooby gang makes another night stuck at home not feel so bad afterall. I know I can’t wait to watch it. Who knows? I might even let the kids watch it with me too.

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