Kevin Hart Says It's His Fault His Toddler Swears And It's So Relatable

by Marie Holmes
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kevin Hart’s baby has just started learning to talk, and she’s already going for laughs

In a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, comedian Kevin Hart proudly listed his toddler’s first words. “Dada was the first one,” said Hart. “Even if it wasn’t I would say it was.”

No, that early staple of defiance, also features prominently in her lexicon, Hart explained to Ellen before adding, “and s—. She said s—.”

“Don’t clap,” Hart instructed the laughing audience. “I’m not celebrating it. I’m not saying it ’cause I’m proud, but s—‘s a good one.”

There’s little doubt in Hart’s mind where she picked up such language. “She’s definitely heard it, and it’s from me,” the comedian admitted to a giggling DeGeneres. “I have a very foul mouth, but it’s innocent. I’m not an aggressive curser.”

“Ellen, I feel like you judge me, like I’m a bad parent,” Hart added, jokingly. “I’m being honest with you about what’s going on in my household. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, my baby has picked up some bad habits, but she’ll be okay–it’s fine.”

The interview continued with news about Hart’s other children. In addition to sailor-talkin’ Kaori Mai, 17 months, Hart is father to Kenzo Kash, 4, with wife Eniko Hart, and to daughter Heaven, 16, and son Hendrix, 14, with ex Torrei Hart.

Heaven, who just earned her driver’s license, isn’t listening so carefully to Dad anymore. “Anybody else, she listens,” said Hart. “Whenever I say stuff it’s always . . . ‘Dad! All right! God! Let me try! You’re not even letting me try!’ Well, ’cause you’re gonna hit a f–king truck,” quipped Hart.

Just as he accepts responsibility for his toddler’s colorful vocabulary, Hart admits that his eldest gets her “combative” nature from him. “She’s me. She’s exactly me,” Hart emphasized.

“It must be frustrating, to be with you,” observed DeGeneres.

“It is, it really is,” Hart playfully admitted.

Heaven is also thinking about colleges, and has mentioned going as far away as New York, according to Hart.

“It’s a little emotional,” Hart said, his tone more serious. “The time is coming for her to leave the house, and I don’t like it.”