Kids Nap in the Darndest Places

Although I started out as a new mom by doing my darnedest to get my toddler to sleep in his bed on a regular schedule, I had to let that go when my second child came along. The struggle that ensued each day at naptime was so draining and created so much tension between us that I decided to let my two-year-old crash wherever he could. As it turned out, that was just about anywhere.

Now, as an enthusiastic member of what I call the “organic napping” movement, I have two boys who choose their spots, nap heartily, and awake refreshed. So what if there’s drool on my couch cushion or a little schmutz on their cheeks? A rested child is a happy child and mommy is happy, too.

It turns out that kids all over the place are capable of a righteous choose the snooze…

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For example, what’s not enticing about the warm boards of the deck on an early summer’s day? It’s, you, know, like that sauna you pay so much for at the gym. I call this picture “Ding Dong, the Deck’s a Bed.”

Naps Happen... on the deck

Sometimes, you just need a few winks after finishing a meal. Um, or practicing your harmonica.

Naps Happen... When practicing your harmonica.

If your child is really active in athletics, she may need to take a breather once in a while in order to stay on the ball.

Naps happen... on the carpet!
Or on the skateboard.

Naps happen... on a skateboard

Sometimes acrobatics happen during sleep. Hey, who am I to judge?

Sometimes acrobatics happen during sleep.

Gardening and fresh air are also known to be excellent for the constitution, and very conducive to getting your booty sleep.

Gardening and fresh air are also known to be excellent for the constitution, and very conducive to getting your booty sleep.

We all know that shopping can really sap your energy. It’s crucial to take a break. Why wait until you get home? Or even in the car?

We all know that shopping can really sap your energy. It’s crucial to take a break. Why wait until you get home? Or even in the car?

Of course, there are softer places to land. Just make sure you choose the right end of the pillow for your cat nap.

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Naps happen... on the cat

Or just steal that pillow straight from your dog.

Naps happen... on the dog bed

When in doubt, though, if the world just gets to be too much, there’s nothing wrong with going undercover(s) and curling up with some privacy.

Naps happen... in costume

When it comes to naps, there are no rules necessary. Naps happen. Don’t lose sleep over it.

About the writer

Alicia curates an ever-expanding selection of unorthodox snoozes at Naps Happen many of which have been featured online in publications such as the Huffington Post and Parade and on parenting websites, including Babble, Babycenter, and Nickmom. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 10 months ago

I have an entire album devoted to strange places my kids have fallen asleep. I think my favorite is this one: she had fallen asleep in her carseat. When I unbuckled her she stood up, turned around, and promptly fell back to sleep just like this.

Kaitlyn Rosa 10 months ago

My son does the same thing :/

Randi Freed 10 months ago

Its more like they just fall out where they’re standing/sitting than a nap. I guess their batteries run out and they’re recharging.

Andrea L. Menz 10 months ago

So jealous. Mine never naps spontaneously, except in the car.

Amy Beford Kirouac 10 months ago

Playing is very tiring

Ellen J 10 months ago

My oldest could nap anytime, anywhere (something I attribute to his NICU stay). Highlights include: on the stairs, standing up leaning against the radiator cover, through a haircut, through fireworks, & during the end of Vacation Bible School singalong.

Sandy McDermott 10 months ago

Car shopping cart after school. I didn’t notice until other shoppers were pointing and laughing LOL.

Nurul Akma 10 months ago

Urmm the pillow seems more comfortable!!

Tabatha Davis 10 months ago

I only liked this post because of the kiddo in the g diaper! Way to rep!

Gabriela Freire-Anggono 10 months ago

File under joys I will never experience, as organic napping to my son, means no napping lol
Courtney , what do you think?

Jennifer Trotier 10 months ago


Jennifer Trotier 10 months ago

In a jump jump lol

Veronica Mata 10 months ago

These pictures are so cute! I wish my daughter would have napped in random places. No matter how tired she was she would hold out and scream her head off until she was laying down in a bed. This made long trips or visits nearly impossible.

ca 10 months ago

I have pic of my son when he was about five sleeping while holding his Jimmy John’s sandwich with his head on the wrapper. He’s 12 now.

Anastasia Beaverhausen 10 months ago

My son would be found napping under the kitchen table…and on stairs…miss those days

Barbara Nicole Spray 10 months ago

That pic makes my neck hurt lol

Erika Fenner 10 months ago

You are already in the bed. JUST LAY DOWN! Lol

Stephanie 10 months ago

I WISH my son would do any of these, when a small, small infant my son would take naps but I swear in my 10 years of child care and 5 years as a step parent I have never seen a child.who would not just “play” themselves to sleep….then I had MY child……NEVER had he fallen asleep like that

Sandra Logan 10 months ago

Love my LiL Man❤

Lara DeFrisco 10 months ago

Faceplant… Between my knees. Lol

Catherine Ali-Gomes 10 months ago

My daughter never did this. She is almost five and when she napped she only did so in her bed. How i wished to get a pic like this of her! I have a 2 month old son now and am hoping that as he gets older, he passes out in random places so I can get a pic and a good laugh..

Aeriel Brenner 10 months ago

I have a bazillion more lol…they’re my favorite!

Aeriel Brenner 10 months ago

I put together a photo book of all my son’s sleeping positions…

Amanda Johnson Tison 10 months ago

Not mine! :( not even in the car. Only in her bed.

Kari Adams 10 months ago

I see your one and raise you a double.

Sara McDaniel 10 months ago

Neither of my kids have done anything close to this! You are all very lucky

Devon Randazzo Madia 10 months ago

Fell asleep coloring !

Anita Cook 10 months ago

So darling!!!!

Judy Benson Rand 10 months ago

My daughter about 28 years ago in her Cookie Monster wagon

Janice Adler Traison 10 months ago

dollstand, she is now 16.

Janice Adler Traison 10 months ago

under the kitchen table

Vivid Rife 10 months ago

My 17 month old loves Cars….he’s in his Cars jammies and fell asleep on his Cars chair.

Joanne StLawrence 10 months ago

Too funny !!

Rebecca Ashworth 10 months ago

A soldier in the making…we can sleep anywhere

Carrie Lake 10 months ago

If only mine would nap anywhere!

Lauren Hassall 10 months ago

Ha ha he will fall asleep anywhere

Sabrina Richardson Mapp 10 months ago

Couldn’t make it up to her room for a nap.

Antoinette Christy SantaMaria 10 months ago

OMG……these are just too funny but Ben has them all beat, hands down

Charis Andrews Hanberry 10 months ago


Kayla Kehler 10 months ago

Nothing like a blanket of groceries!

Taira Wallace 10 months ago

I have one of my oldest asleep in the tub. We had a tornado warning so she took advantage of all the pillows and blankets piled in there. :)

Michelle Shipley Dumler 10 months ago

Sound asleep on the zebra.

Caro Suarez 10 months ago

Because folding clothes is always fun!!!

Elizabeth Conlon 10 months ago

Magic Kingdom – Orlando, FL. Fell asleep while chewing and his face landed on the table.

Rachel Reiner 10 months ago

Never. I have 3 kids and the spontaneous nap has NEVER happened for me. They fight naps and win. These are hilarious though!

Ilia Diaz-Alvarado 10 months ago

How convenient right during homework

Katherine Calicchia-Bertram 10 months ago

My life is a constant battle to get my kids to stop sleeping with the dogs on the dog beds

Anne Golding Kurczewski 10 months ago


Shari Wippert 10 months ago

Every single day. Same blanket, different position! :)

Marnie Chan Demeterio 10 months ago

My 13 year old. On the bleachers, next to a trash can. At a cheerleading competition…

Ashley Lethbridge 10 months ago

Can I say I’m jealous. My kid isn’t a sleeper so I don’t have a funny picture.

Jennifer Portman Bristow 10 months ago

It never changes…he was 20 at the time

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 10 months ago

Wish my little one would sleep anywhere. She needs her bed and all her things.
My oldest would sleep anywhere she felt tired. She was also a sleep walker. I found her in the craziest spots in the morning.

Tabitha Mott 10 months ago

Sound asleep on the otomen, tooshy in the air

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 10 months ago

Too much holiday. This was my son 3.5 years ago

Vastly Amused 10 months ago

My daughter was creative with her napping, one day my mom and I were in the kitchen and my daughter got very quiet. I went in to check, she was standing on the floor with her face planted in my mom’s chair, dead asleep, her head on a book she’d been ‘reading’. She was only about 2. This was before cell phones with cameras, or that so woulda been a life long blackmail pic 😀

Alyssa O’Connell 10 months ago

Lol fast forward to their 19th birthday

Candice Sunshine Walker 10 months ago

Tupperware still in hand

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 10 months ago

That awkward moment when you have to decide whether or not to move them into their bed

Martha Ortega Albarran 10 months ago

Ate dinner, sat in sisters car seat to watch some tv and gone

Lauren Warner 10 months ago

Why are my kids the most high maintenance sleepers ever and literally will not nap anywhere but a bed?!

Jessica Fitzgerald 10 months ago

Rough game of volleyball Lol

Courtney Haag 10 months ago

Fell asleep screaming in timeout lol

Chelsea Lawes 10 months ago

I’ve so wished for this kid, instead I have the child that will happily play til 1am or later if she’s not in her room, in her own bed. Even vehicle naps don’t happen anymore. Atleast she’s happy when she’s tired!

Bridget Archibald Meadows 10 months ago

My son has always preferred that we serve as his mattress.

Jennifer Cagle 10 months ago

Wish my 2yo would nap…somewhere…anywhere except her bed when she’s tired lol so that way she’d not be so cranky

Brandy Gross 10 months ago

My kindergartener falls asleep after school in my bedroom doorway lol (and her dog joins)

Justyna Kudlawiec 10 months ago

Never happened to my older till he stopped his naps. Then he would fall asleep just before dinner. Yet he would still pick a couch. Where he used to potty train himself that’s a different story …

Emmi Lawrence 10 months ago

I’ve found him half-lying inside the shelf of his side table, but my favourite will always be standing up, resting on the ottoman.

Amanda Whitman 10 months ago

My favorite

Dina Brown Hall 10 months ago


Amanda Whitman 10 months ago

Coloring is so much fun!

Linda Hollander 10 months ago

I can sleep anywhere. Too bad it isn’t as socially acceptable for 40 yo moms.

Sara Johnston 10 months ago

My son has never had a strange nap place….lol.

Katie Feddern Marx 10 months ago

Ha! Cats are just so comfy.

Mary 10 months ago

ROFLOL That’s awesome. .Tossed toddlers, FTW.

Elizabeth Johnson 10 months ago

Mine wouldn’t even sleep in the car or pram! How I wished she would have slept anywhere!

Morgan Katelynn Selman 10 months ago

Because pancakes are THAT exciting

Kimberly Westerman Craft 10 months ago

Mine right now

Katie Rose Coyle 10 months ago

The deck picture title makes me laughcry!

Lydia Lettrick 10 months ago


Sasha Shenck 10 months ago

Planking level; Toddler.

Amber N Dugas 10 months ago


De K Rich 10 months ago

Mine will only nap on the floor. Exclusively. Bedtime occurs in the bed, but a nap is only on the floor. I don’t question it, I just go with it.

kim 3 years ago

these are hilarious!

Mercy 3 years ago

Mine have napped in weird places too. These are so cute.

June O’Hara 3 years ago

I love this.

Toulouse 3 years ago

These are so awesome. I think the shopping cart is my favorite.
I’m happy I have a baby again just so we can go back to the crazy naps! I’ll be sure to snap some pics!

Hollow tree ventures 3 years ago

LOVE! But the cat anus? No thank you. Of course my toddler will only sleep on *me,* so if she acted like she might be interested in sleeping on the cat (or anywhere else for once) I would applaud it. Quietly. From another room.

Sara 3 years ago

My idiot in laws said the were going to call cps on me for letting my two year old crash out on the kitchen floor. It’s not my fault that’s where she decided she wanted to nap

MILF Runner 3 years ago

These are hilarious. Once my kid fell asleep on the hardwood floor behind the bathroom door. I don’t really know what he was doing back there to begin with. I wish I could fall asleep that easily – anywhere.

Scherrie D. 3 years ago

Love this post!! Just wished I had thought about snapping some pics of my little ones napping!!

Stacey 3 years ago

That poor cat!!! Hahaha! I can totally see my kids sleeping on top of one of our cats. When my 10 year old was two, we moved. The move totally threw him off and he slept in the weirdest places for a while. The worst was when he would fall asleep on a stair in the middle of the staircase. We would head up to bed and I would be amazed that he didn’t roll himself down the stairs at some point!

Nicole(Whole Strides) 3 years ago

This is hilarious! My older son napped in his bed pretty consistently, but my younger was left to his own devices. He was creative at times.

Aaren 3 years ago

So funny……….I have a video of my lil guy asleep in his highchair lol but he continued to eat his cheeseburger and one time after getting out of the shower when he was about 3 I found him asleep across the top of the stove at the time I was upset because of how dangerous that could have been but looking back now I can laugh about it. Apparently he was trying to sneak a snack but the cabinet climb must have been exhausting

Melissa 3 years ago

My son has really napped either since 2 and even when he did, it was NEVER because he put himself to sleep. He is still incapable of doing that :/

hilljean 3 years ago

These are so darn cute! The little girl using a garden boot as a pillow is just darling.

Meredith 3 years ago

You’ve got the best pics! Can never believe that these kiddos actually fell asleep in these places–too funny!

Alicia @ Naps Happen 3 years ago

@Jenn anyone is invited to submit a picture! You can do it at this link on my blog: and thanks for all the great comments. Clearly, you are people who appreciate the importance of a nap at any cost!

Sue @ WubBooMummy 3 years ago

I love all these pictures, but particularly the one of my sweet little girl sleeping on the skateboard 😉
I too joined the ‘organic napping’ movement when my daughter came along – whilst the majority of her naps ended up either being on me or on the couch, there’s a few more pics of her sleeping in interesting places.

Bethany @ Bad Parenting Moments 3 years ago

Your nappers never fail to make me chuckle! LOVED the naps on the planks of wood.

Observacious 3 years ago

Although my kids have rarely fallen asleep anywhere more exotic than their beds or car seats, I saw a kid asleep in the bike seat attached to the back of her dad’s bike. It was like he was hauling a corpse.

Jenn 3 years ago

Would love to know how I can submit a pic to you! I have one of my daughter who fell asleep while being carried on her dad’s shoulders while we were out site seeing in St. Augustine! It was adorable and hilarious!

Tanya 3 years ago

These are so cute! My 3 year old hates naps! He fights it when I put him in bed but will fall asleep moments after I give up. He will usually fall asleep where ever the dog is at. I guess he just likes his cuddle buddy.

Julie 3 years ago

I have pics of my kids alseep on the stairs (tucked nicely onto just ONE stair.), and in laundry baskets!

Alice 3 years ago

Hilarious, Momo3! I read that, and I was like, Wow! I guess it’s true that by the time you have three kids, you really don’t worry about much! Just toss ’em around a little and they’ll sleep like babies!

Stephanie 3 years ago

Seeing these sleeping kids makes me yearn for a nap. *Yawn*

Myndee 3 years ago

Yes, my kids are fans of the spontaneous nap. My favorite was when my middle child fell asleep in the carseat with a mouth full of chicken nugget. He just…passed out mid bite I guess.

Keesha 3 years ago

These are fabulous. I was a “get your patootie in the bed kind of mom” although when they couldn’t sleep, I’d put them in the jumperoo, and watch them jump themselves to sleep…sometimes they’d even do a few bounces as they were still out!

Jessica Cobb (@DomesticPirate) 3 years ago

Me too! These are golden!!

HouseTalkN 3 years ago

I’m going to show these pictures to my children. “You are getting veeeeeeery sleepy…”
Thanks for the chuckle, funny one!

Jenny 3 years ago

I love the one on the cat. Every time I see a child napping on something other than a bad, the Big Green Monster comes to perch in my soul. My kids both stopped napping young, real young, and to this day I have *still* never had the pleasure of scooping up either one of them in a heap of dead-weight sleep to carry their innocent, floppy bodies up to their beds from so much as a carseat, let alone our back deck from a nap on a rainboot!

JD Bailey @ Honest Mom 3 years ago

Naps Happen! Love you and your blog, Alicia! I feel inspired to snooze now. If only my preschooler did, too…

Susan 3 years ago

Mine was practically napping in the pool of his own 3rd birthday party. That’s how excited he had been all day beforehand, that he wore himself out. Luckily, he rallied for cake and presents but fell asleep in the 5 minute car-ride home.

hannah 3 years ago

Hilarious, though if I walked in to see my kids in any of these positions my first reaction would be to completely freak out, thinking they had 1. Fallen and broken their neck, or 2. Gotten into my liquor cabinet.

Allison @ Motherhood, WTF? 3 years ago

Awesome. These always make me laugh.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 3 years ago

bwahahahaha! These are genius!
I have a lovely picture of the youngest napping in her high chair, bottle of milk still partly in her mouth and another of her hugging a sandwich fast asleep in her stroller.

Life with Kaishon 3 years ago

Oh my goodness. So freaking adorable : ).
Very sweet!

Desiree Eaglin 3 years ago

OMGosh! These are hysterical! My kids have never napped anywhere weird, I totally wish they would!

Anna 3 years ago

These are so funny, and honestly is there any sight more lovely than a sleeping child?

Kathy at kissing the frog 3 years ago

So much cuteness!! I gotta admit, I’m a little jealous that my kids are “traditional” nappers.

Momo3 3 years ago

In a crib!! Omg I didn’t mean a toss her anywhere lol

Momo3 3 years ago

I toss mine (kid #3) and let her cry until she passes out. Usually only takes a few min then I can sneak in a nap without worrying about her waking up and destroying the house before I hear her :-) score!!

amzeel 3 years ago

Mine gave up naps at 18months just in time for her baby brother to be born. At least is napping still.

Ninja Mom 3 years ago

These never fail to crack me up!

Lori@TheLyonsDin 3 years ago

Can someone start a page like this for napping husbands?

Kerry Ann @Vinobaby’s Voice 3 years ago

Envy. My child hasn’t napped since age 2. That was a LONG time ago.

Happy napping.