The Absolute Best Reactions To Kim Kardashian's Oblivious Birthday Tweet

by Christina Marfice
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Kim Kardashian/Instagram and Kim Kardashian/Twitter

The only good thing to come out of Kim Kardashian and her tone-deaf AF birthday tweets is all the memes

So in case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian just turned 40. And even though it’s a global pandemic and all us normals have been trapped in our homes for eight months now, Kim K naturally had a super luxurious and over-the-top birthday party. I mean, when you have unlimited money, you can do whatever TF you want, pandemic or not, I guess. Anyway, she tweeted about it. It’s a real ride.

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So there you have it. While COVID cases are surging basically everywhere in the country and people are dying by the thousands every week, Kim Kardashian just casually had a bunch of people quarantine and go through health screenings so she could take them to a private island and have a birthday party.

Again, people are literally dying. But glad the Kardashians had fun.

Tone deaf is obviously an understatement when describing these tweets (and all the events that led up to them). But we all know what we do when something on the internet hurts us: We meme the shit out of it. And so that’s what the internet did. At least one good thing came out of this Kardashian birthday party. And by “one good thing,” we mean a bunch of amazing memes, because pretty much the whole internet got in on this.

People started sharing all their jokes about their own private islands (and the inner circle friends they would take there), and it became some good, old-fashioned internet escapism because everything is awful except for Kim Kardashian’s life.

Some of the best memes were the ones ripped right out of pop culture, like these ones about having a vacay with your “inner circle” at the house from Parasite or the cult camp from Midsommar. Honestly, it’s better than my apartment after eight months, I get it.

You know a meme has taken off when the MOMA and Chuck E. Cheese get involved. Just sayin.’

Also Bachelor In Paradise. Remember simpler times when we weren’t despairing over a Kim Kardashian tweet and Bachelor In Paradise was on TV? Take me back.

Basically any island that’s ever been on a TV screen got involved in this meme, and TBH, even Shutter Island is better than an indefinite number of more months of pandemic hell. Kim K, can you fund this for us please? I mean she clearly can, but will she? Please?

In conclusion, Kim Kardashian has enough money to just stop living in a pandemic world when she wants to, so try not to let that ruin your day. Also, 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Please vote. The end.

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