Everyone Is Anti-Bullying Until A Celeb They Don't Like Gets Pregnant

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian/Facebook

People grabbed their pitchforks over Kim and Kanye’s fourth baby — and it’s awful

Imagine being so invested in the reproductive activities of a couple that has absolutely nothing to do with you in any way, that you take to the internet to spew nasty comments and thoughtless opinions?

Well, when it comes to the Kardashian-West family, many people don’t have to imagine it at all. Because they’re actively doing it.

When news broke that the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were expanding their family to include a fourth child, who will be delivered via surrogate, every internet comments section blew up.

People everywhere came with their pitchforks to lambast this family for having another child. And the thing is, you definitely don’t have to love Kim Kardashian or Kanye West. No one is asking you to!

But it would behoove everyone to remember that this story is about a child. Who will one day presumably have internet access and be able to see the nasty things millions of strangers said about them before they were even born. It’s gross.

Exhibit A: The Concern Trolls

There are literally hundreds of comments where people pretend they’re concerned about Kanye’s mental health. Look, he might very well be Going Through Something. Maybe we agree with the way he’s publicly handled it. Maybe we don’t. But for the love of God, please don’t dole out armchair diagnoses to disguise the fact that you just wanna be an asshole on the internet. ABOUT A BABY.

Exhibit B: All The Shitty Comments About Surrogacy

If this doesn’t qualify as bullying, I don’t know what does. Again, no one is asking you to feel sorry for them — they’re multi-billionaires, after all, and there’s not a parent alive who wouldn’t relish being able to afford more help — but maybe, maaaaybe, don’t say such horrific and uneducated things about surrogacy.

I mean honestly, what the fuck?!

It’s been well documented that Kim had two extremely high-risk pregnancies and deliveries with North and Saint, and that becoming pregnant was no easy feat for her. Can’t we drum up some empathy for that kind of struggle, if nothing else? If she has the means to provide a safe, healthy pregnancy via surrogacy, why shouldn’t she?

So many internet commenters rush to their keyboards to let everyone know how little they care about stories like this. Okay, then. Here’s any idea: DON’T COMMENT THEN.

And please, if you have any humanity, leave babies out of it.

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