Kim Kardashian Shares Bathtub Pic Of Her Kids, Internet Promptly Loses Its Sh*t

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West shares bathtub photo of North and Saint but the internet’s not loving it

Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram recently with an adorable photo of her two oldest kids taking a bath together. Naturally, it brought out all the Perfect Parents of the Internet who were only too pleased to tell the celebrity mom exactly how awful she is for sharing the image.

If there’s one thing that upsets the internet, it’s innocent photos of little kids in the tub. Oh, and photos of little ones kissing their parents on the mouth. And wearing bikinis. Or Elsa dresses. Or having their hair dyed. OK, so the internet is pretty hard to please and it’s really sad that anyone has a problem with a photo this insanely cute.

“My babies,” Kardashian captioned the precious pic of North and Saint having a bath-time snuggle. He’s tiny Kanye and North is just gorgeous. Which is pretty much all I noticed when looking at this photo, but others had more thoughts. Pretty awful thoughts.

Sorry, but a preschool girl’s chest is not something that needs covering, go to any public beach or pool and you’ll see a child North’s age in only a swim diaper. And a terrible mother? Really? Does anyone honestly think North, Saint, and little Chicago go without a single thing they need or constant security and protection? Wouldn’t our concerns be better directed elsewhere?

Apparently not.

Of course, to each, their own. If a parent feels it’s wrong to share photos of their child in the bathtub or in a bathing suit that’s entirely fair and totally understandable. I myself have never publicly posted photos like that of my kids, but I think nothing of it when my friends do it. They’re babies. If someone finds photos like this disgusting and material that would interest a pedophile, maybe they should never go to the beach either. Because I hate to break it to them, but phone cameras are a thing. There’s a lot of actual problems in the world worth getting worked up over. Maybe don’t worry so much about the extremely well cared for children of literal millionaires, guys.

Being in the world’s biggest spotlight means all of Kardashian West’s parenting choices are under a very harsh lens. She almost certainly knew this photo would cause an uproar and chose to share it anyway, which is completely her decision. Regardless, the picture is adorable and her kids look nothing but happy and loved. Whatever issues the internet has with this whole situation, Kim is just a mom sharing a cute image of her kids. End of story.

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