Kindergarteners Learn Sign Language To Surprise Custodian Who Is Partially Deaf

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook/Hickerson Elementary

The classes surprised their custodian by using sign language to sing “Happy Birthday” to him

It’s really hard to find something that the internet universally agrees is wonderful, but today, we have one of those things. A room full of kindergarten students signed “Happy Birthday” to their beloved custodian, who is partially deaf, and the video is basically making everyone who sees it melt into a puddle.

James Anthony, AKA Mr. James, is the custodian at Hickerson Elementary in Tullahoma, Tennessee, and according to BuzzFeed, he’s been working in the school for the last 15 years. That means he’s very well-known — and well-loved. So loved, in fact, that a class full of precious kindergarten kids decided to surprise him on his birthday by singing (and signing) the whole “Happy Birthday” song for him.

His adorable reaction will make even the hardest heart grow 10 sizes.

“Our Kindergarten classes learned how to sign Happy Birthday for Mr. James’ birthday today. He was so surprised!” the caption reads.

Surprised indeed. His reaction as they sang and the fact that he was clearly choked up by the end has us all wondering who’s cutting onions in here. It’s simply too pure and sweet for this world.

The school writes in the comments of the post, “Mrs. Allyssa Hartsfield and Mrs. Amy Hershman’s kindergarten classes learned how to sign Happy Birthday along with help from teacher aide, Shelly Lucas and school nurse, Angela Ridner. We wanted to surprise our hearing impaired custodian, James Anthony on his 60th birthday. Mr. James has been with Coffee County Schools in Manchester, TN since 1991 and has been a part of Hickerson Elementary’s family for 15 years.”

If the thought of these angelic teachers and staff getting together to show a bunch of sweet little ones how to sign the Happy Birthday song doesn’t warm you from deep within, we’re not sure what will. Teachers are too good and we don’t deserve them. This is proof.

The comments on the video heap on the feel-good feelings even more with people just loving what this class and their teachers did — and former students recalling Mr. James for being a wonderful human.

We hope Mr. James sees how well he’s remembered and appreciated by past students and current — and that he had the best birthday ever.