11 Kitchen Supplies You Don't Have Yet, But You Need In Your Life ASAP

by Sara Farrell Baker
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Is there anything worse than a kitchen cluttered with ugly, useless crap? Probably. The world is a rough place. But you can at least make your kitchen a haven from the darkness of the outside world with cute, purposeful items that will leave you wondering how you ever got on without them.

1. Garlic Baker


All garlic everything. This baker lets you roast your garlic without drying it out, leaving flavorful, caramelized cloves. Toss them in sauces, on pizza, in soups, mix them into dips, or any number of things.

2. Fun Ice Cube Molds


What’s better than ice cubes in your drink? Ice cubes shaped like dolphins. These molds can liven up your punch or a plain old glass of water. Even cooler? Melt down old crayon bits and pour them into these molds for brand new crayons in shapes your kids will get a kick out of.

3. Recipe Rock


Instead of laying your recipes on the counter where they can get spilled on and take up a bunch of space, try propping them up. When it’s not in use, this handy tool takes up very little counter space.

4. Wine-Saving Carafe


Ever wind up dumping wine down the drain because you didn’t finish the bottle in one night? Yeah, me neither. But I’m sure someone out there has, the poor sap. But never again! Pour your extra wine into this carafe and the floating piece inside will seal what’s left to protect it from the elements. Once you tip it over to pour, the seal breaks and the wine flows freely.

5. Salt Cellar


I use one of these because I like looking like a cool TV chef while I’m cooking. I bam all over the place, throwing kosher salt in bland foods instead of shaking the puny table salt and waiting forever for enough to come out.

6. Cutting Board and Knife Stand


Finally! Minimal, attractive storage for two items that usually require some serious eyesores to stay organized. This is a beautiful resting place for your knives and your cutting boards. They’re friends. Friends like to be together.

7. Multi Opener


Open cans, jars, bottles, and screw caps with this little tool that makes opening all the things that usually hurt your hands a breeze. It’s tiny and takes up a fraction of the space a tool for just one of those tasks normally takes up.

8. Bag Dryer

I am usually really good about remembering my reusable bags before I make a trip to the grocery store. But we all forget sometimes, and having plastic bags ready to reuse or to use as trash can liners makes me feel a little better about my lapse in memory. You can hang them out on this cute dryer to get them ready for their next use, especially if you had a quart of ice cream dripping water in them.

9. Rub Away Bar


Foods like onions, garlic, chicken, and fish can leave strong odors on your hands. Rubbing this bar between them removes the stink without any soap or water.

10. The Original Beater Blade


I hate stopping my mixer to scrape the sides of the bowl. The interruption is annoying and trying to get around the blade is a pain. With this blade, though, there’s no stopping necessary. It scrapes as it mixes, making less work for you and incorporating ingredients on its own.

11. Butter Bell Crock


Hard butter is stupid. It tears up your bread when you try to spread it and makes your grilled cheese look like a wolverine prepared it. Storing your butter on the counter in a butter bell keeps it fresh, sealed, and room temperature for easy spreading.

You could conceivably keep on cooking and existing in your kitchen without some of these items. But why would you want to?

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