Kitchenware For Moms Who Are All Out Of F*cks

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This kitchenware is for moms who don’t even CARE anymore

What’s the best way to demonstrate that you have exactly zero fucks left to give? Why, beautiful, expletive-filled kitchenware of course. There’s literally an entire collection of very cute home items that proudly channel all of your frustration, irritation, and overall ambivalence. Ever eaten off a plate with the F-word on it? Now’s your chance.

“I Fucking Hate Cooking” Plate

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Some people find cooking fun. That’s totally great. Good for them. Other people hate cooking with all their souls and do it through (extremely) gritted teeth. This plate was made just for them. It gets straight to the point and is made from super durable stoneware clay. Win-win.

“I’m Not Bossy” Oven Mitt

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You know, just a cool, breezy, casual reminder of who’s actually in charge.

“Fuck It Let’s Order Take Out” Dish Towel

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Some days you just need to put on your sweats, turn on the most mindless TV show possible, and call in a giant order of take out. This dish towel knows exactly what’s up.

“Fresh Out Of Fucks” Mug

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This is a very cute way of telling everyone to please leave you alone in the morning. Also, it comes with really pretty flowers.

“Eff You See Cay” Mug

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You know, just in case people didn’t quite get the message.

“Don’t Fuck Up Mom’s Table” Coasters

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Just use a coaster. Please. It’s really not that hard to remember.

“Drunk 1, Drunk 2, Drunk 3” Wine Tumblers

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Some nights are for G-rated family activities. Other nights are for getting very, very drunk with your best friends. These tumblers are adorable enough to make up for however wine messy you get.

“My Favorite Salad is Wine” Oven Mitt

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No truer words have ever been spoken. Pass the red.

“Don’t Fuck Up The Table” Coasters

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They added the “please” to tone down the overall aggression. But the message definitely still stands.

“Cheers Bitches” Hand Towel

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Because sometimes you need a gold, glittery hand towel to make things a little bit brighter after a very long day.

Here’s to having zero fucks left to give and tons of cute kitchenware that does the talking for you.

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