These Ridiculous Knockoff Halloween Costumes Are Your New Favorite Thing

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Walmart

See if you can guess the unlicensed characters these knockoff Halloween costumes are based on

We all love to be our favorite characters from movies, TV and pop culture for Halloween. But unfortunately for all the costume manufacturers out there just trying to make a buck, those characters are often licensed by their creators, and can’t be recreated in costume form unless some steep fees are involved. That’s why knockoff Halloween costumes exist, and hoo boy, are there some good ones out there this year.

Writer and actress Dana Schwartz put a call out to her Twitter followers to find the most hilarious character knockoff costumes they could, and they absolutely delivered. To kick things off, Schwartz shared one that’s sure to become iconic: a take on Cher from Clueless, named by the manufacturer, “Notionless.”

Sure, that one’s pretty great. But there are so many more. Like this costume, which is definitely not Waldo:

Or “Juice Demon,” who is not at all trying to be Beetlejuice:

How about “Hungry Rebel Girl,” who’s honestly just feeling peckish and totally not a character from The Hunger Games?

Or this costume, which is not a minion in any way, why would you even think that?

The responses kept pouring in, and each one was honestly better than the last.

And of course, the instant classic, “Hermany Grinder, the top student at Chogborts!”

Sure, we’ll pause while you stop crying at that one. We needed a minute, too.

While the tweets were great, searching any costume site produces just-as-hilarious results.

Like “Video Game Guy,” who’s not a recognizable character in any way, shape or form.

Image via Walmart

Or “Sexy Factory Worker,” whose orange skin is just a byproduct of her factory work, I’m sure, and has nothing to do with the fact that she’s actually an Oompa Loompa.

Image via Amazon

There’s no Cat Woman here — this is “Captivating Crime Fighter.” Though if you ask us, they really missed an opportunity to call her “Cat-tivating.” Come on, knockoff Halloween costume marketing departments. You can do better.

Image via Leg Avenue

You could be Cruella de Vil for Halloween, sure. OR you could be “Cruel Diva.” The choice is clear, TBH.

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And why would you be Prince when you could be “Purple Rock Legend” instead? It’s like all these costumes are Scattergories clues, and we’re here for it.

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No Super Troopers cops here. This is just “Sergeant Short Pants.” Duh.

Image via Spirit Halloween

Because we all deserve to be whomever we want for Halloween, licensing fees be damned.

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