Best, Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes & Party Supplies 2020

Some Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume & Decor Ideas, Because You’re Not The Only One Scrambling

October 17, 2019 Updated February 1, 2021


It’s been *a year* so, if you find yourself struggling to put together some kind of semblance of Halloween 2020 and you’re down to the wire, we’re here to help. Also, just so you know, Amazon Prime will be your best friend right now, because most likely, you’ve got to get all these last-minute Halloween costumes and supplies shipped ASAP. We’ve also included other choices (in case you’ve got 1 week+ left), because Etsy and Michael’s have some really cute stuff this year, and we feel like we’d be doing a major disservice by not providing you with inspo.

So, fret not, Mama! Here are all the best last-minute costumes, party supplies, and home decor you can still get for Halloween 2020.

Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Disney The Child Costume Bodysuit for Baby – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

If you’re part of a big Star Wars/Mandalorian-loving family, you should totally dress your BB up as Baby Yoda, aka The Child. Not only was Baby Yoda the best thing to have happened to us in late 2019, but we’re also getting a Season 2 of The Mandalorian in October, so we might as well fully lean into it. This costume comes with a soft fleece-trimmed onesie and Baby Yoda cap.

$28.98 AT AMAZON

BuzzBearStudio Sriracha Baby Costume

Why not dress BB up as your favorite spicy condiment? This onesie from Etsy is made of high-quality cotton, and comes with a green hat (also made of 100% cotton). It’s available in three sizes, 6M, 12M, and 18M.

$39.50 AT ETSY

Carter's Baby Halloween Avocado Costume

Avocados are in high demand because they’re delish and taste better than butter on toast. Evidently, avocados are also adorable as Halloween costumes, so if your baby is going to pose as a fruit this year, you might as well make it this little green guy from Carter’s. Complete with avocado jumpsuit, white long-sleeved shirt, and green striped socks, it’s all you avo wanted for your baby’s Halloween costume. 

$49.90 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Cute Cuddly Bear Costume

Even if you haven’t cuddled with a teddy bear in years, you won’t be able to resist stealing a squeeze or two from the toddler donning this costume. This Cuddly Bear Costume for toddlers is so aw-dorable, with black, white, and red plaid bow and ears. Cozy for naps, and classic for photos, this is one Instagram-worthy ensemble your feed — er, child needs.

$21.69 AT AMAZON

Disney Woody Toy Story Stretchie for Baby

There will be no snakes in this cowbaby’s boots this Halloween — seeing as how footwear is attached to the rest of the getup. Disney’s Woody Stretchie Halloween onesie is perfect for Toy Story fanatics. It’s an authentic Disney product, down to the stitched-on Sheriff badge, plus the costume doubles as a sleeper when your little keeper of justice just wants to snooze.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Carter's 2-Piece Halloween Collectible Bodysuit & Cap Set

There’s no doubt in our minds that your little pumpkin is the cutest in the patch; Carter’s Halloween onesie will just accentuate that fact. The gourd-eous set includes an orange bodysuit with a smiling jack-o-lantern face stitched onto the belly, and matching cap meant to mimic the autumnal fruit’s stem. It’s also available in sizes from newborn to 24 months, so you can reuse or hand down as you see fit.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Fun World InCharacter Baby Lil' Monkey Costume

Okay, all together now, “AWWWWWWWW!!!!!” This little monkey costume is so perfect for your own little monkey, you might consider keeping it in rotation even after Halloween is over. Can you imagine bringing baby grocery shopping in this?  And then letting them hold a banana in the produce section?? Oh, the cuteness, it hurts to even think about it.

$42.59 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Cuteshower Unicorn Princess Tutu

Got a fairy-princess-unicorn maniac on your hands? Grabbing this rainbow tutu-ed dress costume is the next best thing to waving a magic wand. The top is lined with a silk-like fabric with some stretch for easy on and off, and the bottom is tutu-terrific. Plus, it comes with a unicorn horn headband that’s soft and lightweight. Put it all together – cuteness overload.


Rubie's Kid's Mommy Shark Costume

We have no doubt that this is the Halloween costume for toddlers will be high in demand because let’s face it, these people know their customer (who, by the way, isn’t you). Bless your soul if you can stomach another “do, do, do” ear-worm, but also sending along a big “f*ck you” from the parents who have to hear your kid’s costume sounding from down the street. We hate you and your (clearly never-wavering) patience.

$26.92 AT AMAZON

Gekko Classic Toddler PJ Masks Costume

Got a PJ Masks Gekko geek at home? We’re big fans of the show and this costume, which is an easy to wear jumpsuit with detachable tail and soft headpiece. Have them wear it trick-or-treating, then maybe use it for regular PJs the rest of the year. #recyclereducereuse

$25.73 AT AMAZON

Disney Junior Kion Lion Guard Toddler Boys' Costume

Your little lion cub probably isn’t ready to take the throne just yet, but if they aren’t up to stealing the monarchy, they’ll definitely be stealing people’s hearts in this Lion King Halloween costume for toddlers. Spirit Halloween’s Faux Fur Simba Costume is made up of one mighty jumpsuit, a 3D headpiece, and a cute tail to boot.

$27.87 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume

Paw Patrol’s Marshall is on the case — the candy case, that is. Rubie’s toddler Halloween costume is an officially licensed Paw Patrol jumpsuit, complete with black-and-white Dalmatian print, fire hat with floppy ear attachments, and a red pup pack (perfect for extra candy storage when their trick-or-treat bag fills up). And unlike a real firefighter suit, Rubie’s costume is lightweight, so your little rescuer can run around with their pals with ease.

$22.08 AT AMAZON

TheLeotardBoutique Salem Witch Sisters Halloween Costume

Pay homage to the Sanderson sisters by dressing you kids up as their favorite witch (Winifred, Sarah, or Mary). And then watch Hocus Pocus,because that’s Halloween done right. Sizes available: 6 months to 12 years. Matching tutus come separately.


Best Kid Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Rubie's Child's Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

If your kids haven’t begged you to buy this super-popular dinosaur costume yet, just wait another day or two. And, you might as well just do it, because will just MAKE their Halloween this year. This officially licensed Jurassic World T-Rex inflatable costume with battery operated fan puffs up to transform your dino-lover into a dino-walker.  Just put it on and hilarity ensues.

$39.17 AT AMAZON

ReliBeauty Frozen's Elsa Costume With Accessories

As the second Frozen movie hits theaters this fall, its popularity remains as solid as a large chunk of ice. This Elsa costume comes with all the accessories your little wanna be snow queen needs to rule over the tundra of her choosing. Got reservations about investing in another Elsa dress this year, Mama? Just let it go.


Spooktacular Creations Boys Ninja Deluxe Costume

Ordinarily, your little kiddos probably come thumping down the stairs, announcing their presence as loudly as a morning train wreck. But, somehow, they’ll magically become super stealth in this ninja costume that comes with plenty of  accessories for crouching tigers or hidden dragons. You might not even hear them tip-toeing around the house in this outfit — which makes us wonder, can we get them to wear it all year?


Rubie's Harry Potter Child's Deluxe Gryffindor Costume Robe

Whether you’ve got a Harry or a Hermione at home, you’ll be set for Halloween with this officially licensed Gryffindor robe. Made of quality fleece with the official embroidered patch, this costume will get them ready for trick-or-treating faster than you can say, “Expelliarmus!”

$28.67 AT AMAZON

Child Greek Goddess Costume

Let’s step back from Disney princesses for a hot second and go back to where all the glamour began. This greek goddess dress is great quality and creates a Halloween look that says classy on a mythological level.

$26.47 AT AMAZON

YEAHBEER Unicorn Costume Inflatable Suit

Saddle up your little ones for a magical ride in this inflatable unicorn costume. Equipped with a fan, the suit blows up to resemble a unicorn carrying your princess or prince along the sidewalk in search of adventure and candy, of course.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Party City Toy Story 4 Forky Costume for Children

Hey, it’s not a bad thing to be trash, right? If you saw Toy Story 4, Bonnie’s newest and most favorite toy Forky loved being trash! And once your little one gets a look at this boy’s Halloween costume, they’ll love it, too. Plus, this sporky costume is super comfortable with fuzzy red arms and hands mimicking Bonnie’s pipe cleaner creations.

$29.89 AT AMAZON

Spirit Halloween Adult Eleven Romper Stranger Things Costume

Pillowcase for candy in one hand, waffle prop in the other. Grab a little bit of fake cosmetic blood, too, and your child will have the ultimate Eleven costume just in time for Halloween. Instantly make it into a group costume by having a Mike, Dustin, and Lucas screaming, “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!” a la Season 1.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Rubie's JoJo Siwa Boomerang Music Video Outfit Costume

If there’s a Jojo Siwa fan in your life, chances are she already has a collection of Jojo-approved bows. Pair one of them with this adorable costume skirt and vest with attached top, or use the bright yellow bow this costume comes with! Modeled after the exact outfit the Dance Moms star wore in her “Boomerang” music video, this costume is officially licensed and is about as glittery and vibrant as Siwa herself.

$25.78 AT AMAZON

Spirit Halloween Kids Marshmello Costume

Drop the beat, just like DJ Marshmello. His get-up might be super simple, but once your child puts on the iconic Marshmello mask, he’ll look like a superstar and feel like dancing up to each door as he collects his candy.

$34.23 AT AMAZON

Kids Catwoman Costume Deluxe

Teach your mini-me who actually invented growl power with this power suit fit for the badass little woman you’ve been raising since day one. Once your child slips into the all-black jumpsuit, they’ll be dripping with confidence. Your little girl will be taking Hershey’s and hearts prowling around the streets of Gotham (or, you know, wherever you reside) on Halloween night. 


Girls Captain Marvel Hero Suit Deluxe Superhero Costume

Applaud your little Avenger when she plucks this superhero costume off the shelf, Mom because Captain Marvel isn’t just superhuman, she’s an incredible role model for little girls with big dreams. Even President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has gone on-record to proclaim Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, as the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe, surpassing legends like The Hulk, Wolverine, and Black Panther in the ranks.

$19.32 AT AMAZON

Steve Classic Minecraft Costume

Ready to enter the world of Minecraft? Your child can do so as Steve to show off just how much they love playing this video game. Bonus points to those who bring home the most candy from trick-or-treating!

$17.58 AT bAMAZON

Best Family Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs and Ketchup Costumes (Ketchup Sold Separately)

If your family can’t get enough bacon and eggs, then dressing up as your favorite breakfast meal might be right up your alley. Of course, the baby ketchup is sold separately.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

The Incredibles Family Costume

With so many Incredibles characters to choose from — Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, Baby Jack Jack, Edna, and Frozone, to name a few — you can add as many costumes to the fam as necessary. All while packing a superhero-level kind of punch! All costumes sold are sold separately and prices vary.


Best Pet Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

California Costumes Pet UPS Pal Dog Costume

Pay homage to your dog’s favorite — or maybe least favorite — delivery person, the UPS Guy! This polyester pet shirt comes with attached “doggo” arms, an on-brand visor, and a UPS box out for delivery.

$20.07 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Costume Company Pizza Slice Pet Suit

Turn your kitty or pupperoni into an Italian delicacy with this hilariously delicious slice of pizza costume. Although, we recommend wearing it, not eating it!

$20.38 AT AMAZON

California Costumes Pet Cupcake Girl Dog Costume

Your pet will look like she hopped straight out of a music video with these Katy Perry-inspired heart shades, the electric blue wig, and, of course, cupcake bra. Now all she needs is directions to Candy Land!

$10.31 AT AMAZON

NACOCO Dog Cat Doctor Costume

Complete with a fake stethoscope around the doctor scrubs and two fake polyester hands holding a first-aid kit, this Pet Doctor Costume is sure to crack you up every time your cat (or dog!) slinks by wearing it. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Costume Company Yoda Ears Dog & Cat Costume

Dressing pets up is the best, isn’t it? Throw these easy Yoda ears on your cat or dog and call it a day. The force will be strong with that one.

$4.59 AT CHEWY

Frisco Halloween Fair Isle Dog & Cat Sweater

Maybe all your fur baby needs is a cozy Halloween sweater. Throw this on, and if you’re feeling extra, get a matching one (we have plenty of ugly Halloween sweater options).


Best Adult Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Tipsy Elves' Women's Skeleton Onesie

When life just will not throw you a bone, Tipsy Elves will. A skeleton costume is arguably one of the easiest costumes to throw together when you have no time to stop at a party store and shift through racks, and no colorful makeup to get super creative with. All you need is this Tipsy Elves skeleton onesie, white face paint or powder, and black eyeliner. Trust us, skeleton makeup tutorials are plentiful on YouTube, and require minimal effort.

$59.95 AT AMAZON

Trick Or Treat Studios Women's The Shining Grady Twins Costume

If there’s anything more horrifying than a ghost with unfinished business, it’s twin ghosts haunting for a playmate. Dressing up as The Shining’s Grady twins will make you a shoo-in for scariest couples costume of 2019. The movie might be old hat, but eerie child spirits never lose their scare factor.

$44.95 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Costume DC Comics Wonder Woman T-Shirt With Cape And Headband

Although we may be waiting a little bit longer to see Wonder Woman 1984, we can still embody one of our favorite superheroes on Halloween. This costume is super simple and requires almost zero effort — our kind of Halloween TBH.

$20.28 AT AMAZON

Disney Frozen Kristoff Costume for Adults

Make Dad dress up as the lovable Kristoff for Halloween. This comes with Kristoff’s Scandinavian outfit complete with the hat. Sven is unfortunately sold separately.

$97.98 AT AMAZON

Star Wars Adult Rey Costume

Rey’s costume comes with top, elastic waist pants, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch. You’ll have to get your own lightsaber, though!

$38.47 AT AMAZON

Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Bat Costume

Black cat costumes are vastly overrated. Black bats, however, are frighteningly underrated costume options. This adult Halloween onesie costume from Leg Avenue brings bat to bae status. The one-piece suit is made of super comfy fleece so you’ll stay warm despite the crisp autumn air, and looks awesome with a pair of fishnet leggings and boots.

$39.63 AT AMAZON

Best Halloween Party Ideas 2020

AerWo Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

It wouldn’t be fair to make this shindig adults-only, so of course, we threw in something a little more PG for the Halloween-loving kiddos. This pumpkin-themed bean bag toss is pictured outside but if your living room has the space, you could absolutely make it an indoor game, too. Crown the pump-king (AKA the winner) that gets the most bean bags through the jack-O-lantern’s teeth!

$15.99 AT AMAZON

JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, Disinfection LED Smoke Machine(Red,Green,Blue) with Wireless and Wired Remote Control

Nothing creates a more spooky ambiance than the murky mystique of a fog machine. This fog machine features red, green, and blue lights and has a remote control feature so you can easily switch things up from afar.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Halloween-Themed Picks

Perfect for cheese plates and appetizers, these Halloween-themed picks will keep things as sanitary as possible (although it’s always a good idea to leave hand sanitizer on the table as well).


Drink IV Bags

Fill these up with juice — or juice with a ‘lil splash of vodka for the grownups for an extra creepy and fun touch.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Best Halloween Home Ideas 2020

Dash Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker

Sure, green juice is cool, but have you ever taken a bite of a warm, flaky waffle shaped like autumn’s mascot, the great orange pumpkin? Dash’s pumpkin-shaped mini waffle maker is giving your well-balanced breakfast a seasonally-inspired makeover. But don’t just eat waffles shaped like pumpkins; add a little pumpkin spice to your batter so that they taste the part, too.

$19.75 AT AMAZON

RJ Legend 15-Inch Halloween Decorations Ceramic Tree

Halloween trees are all the range this year! Get this 15-inch ceramic gothic tree from Amazon and prop it up on your fireplace mantle or use it as an epic table centerpiece.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle

It really doesn’t matter what season it is; just the smell of pumpkin spice can give you all those warm and fuzzy fall feels. Treat yourself to a large PSL candle from Yankee Candle; that way when Starbucks pours its final drip of its signature pumpkin sip of 2020, you can still breathe in that same, sweet aroma.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

9" Resin Constellation Pumpkin Accent by Ashland®

Sure, you can buy regular ‘ole orange pumpkins (either plastic or the real thing)…or you can buy constellation pumpkins, because those are even cooler.


Hocus Pocus Muug

Any Hocus Pocus fan will appreciate this Winifred Sanderson mug.


For more Halloween inspo, check out our other Halloween stories!

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