Kourtney Kardashian Buzzed Reigns Hair Off, Maybe Trolls Will Finally STFU

by Cassandra Stone
Kourtney Kardashian Buzzed Reign's Hair Off, Maybe Trolls Will Finally STFU
Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Trolls have been shaming Kourtney for Reign’s long hair for YEARS

Even though one would think there’s enough going on in the world right now, some people manage to make time to not only cultivate opinions about celebrity children and their hair, but share them publicly as well! Take Reign Disick, for instance. Kourtney Kardashian‘s youngest son has been sporting some gloriously long locks for awhile now, and everyone (read: internet dorks) has been hounding her about chopping it off because where would we be without gender stereotypes and hairstyles? Well, now she’s finally had it buzzed, so maybe people will STFU.

In a post captioned, “I am not ok,” Kourtney’s little boy is sporting an adorable summer buzz cut — perfect for a quarantine summer, btw — and he looks fab. Kourtney (never one to suffer fools on social media) is totally valid in her feelings, though.

Earlier this summer, Kourtney posted a pic of her with the littlest Disick and the only thing non-trolls would think while looking at it is, “Wow, I can’t tell who looks more fabulous.”


But, of course, moms can’t have nice things (well, to be fair, Kardashian moms have LOTS of nice things but it’s still shitty to talk negatively about their kids), the comments about his hair length came rolling in.

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Are we really still shaming boys for long hair? In 2020? There are literally a zillion other things you can direct your ire toward, and you’re choosing the hairstyle of a celebrity’s child as your hill to die on?

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

LOL yes, please, won’t someone have paragon of virtue Scott Disick rein in Reign about his hair.

Like, first of all, this child probably gets his hair personally styled and conditioned by Chris McMillan himself (Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist and BFF, for anyone whose brain isn’t full of useless celebrity facts like the brain of This Author), so no need to pity him for his hair just because it’s long.

Also, maybe the kid liked it long! He’s old enough to have an opinion on his own hair. And maybe he’s the one who wanted to get it cut — kids can and should have agency over things like this.

Here’s hoping that, at least for a little while, these trolls direct their negativity elsewhere or just totally STFU.