Kris Jenner Recreates Kylie Jenner's Childhood Playhouse For Stormi

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Kylie Jenner/Youtube

Stormi Jenner just became a first-time homeowner, courtesy of Kris Jenner

If ever there was a time to use the word epic, it’s in reference to the gift that Kris Jenner just got her 22-month-old granddaughter Stormi Webster for Christmas. The toddler’s mom, Kylie Jenner, revealed the super-sweet surprise via a new vlog post on Monday — and it’s, well, epic. There’s really no better way to describe the massive custom playhouse Kris gifted to her grandbaby.

However, Kylie gave it a shot. “My mom actually surprised Stormi with the best Christmas gift of all time, and I filmed it,” Kylie explains in the vlog post, which she created to give fans a glimpse of her extravagant holiday decorations. When Kylie pans over to her mom in the vid, the pj-clad Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is crying. “Why are you crying?” Kylie asks, to which Kris admits the moment has her feeling “emotional.”

And TBH, after hearing Kris talk about the playhouse’s sentimental backstory, we’re feeling a little emotional, too.

As the momager takes her daughter and granddaughter into Kylie’s backyard for a tour of the impressive structure (it’s, like, bigger than this writer’s first apartment), Kylie reveals, “I used to have a house like this when I was Stormi’s age.”

In fact, as all three venture further, it becomes clear that Kris went through the effort of painstakingly recreating Kylie’s old playhouse in meticulous detail. Above the door? Hand-painted letters reading “Welcome Friends” — we’re presuming just like ones a young Kylie had created on her own little backyard abode. “This makes me wanna cry!” the cosmetics mogul gushes.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Inside, Kylie finds the exact furniture she played with as a child (we’re definitely having flashbacks to Kim Kardashian’s nostalgic birthday surprise for Kris). “I called the lady at the old house and I bought her all new furniture and she gave me all of this, and Waldo and Tony had it all re-done,” a choked-up Kris shares with her youngest daughter, adding through tears, “This just reminds me of when you were a little girl… I want you to have the same memories with your daughter.”


Brb, bawling. But for real, how heartwarming is this entire gesture? Happily, Kris’ hard work pays off in the best possible dividends — Stormi’s excitement. “Thank you, Lovey!” the little girl says as she looks down at Kris from the playhouse loft. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. That makes me so happy. My little Stormi,” the proud grandma responds.

Not surprisingly, Stormi’s reaction to the space is one of amazement. Upon seeing it and realizing it’s hers, she utters, “Wow.” And just like the rest of us, she’s legitimately impressed by just how spacious the playhouse is. Like, a fireplace? A stove? A loft? Can we live in Kylie’s backyard? The fluffy rug in that loft sounds plenty cozy to us. Although let’s be real, we’d probably settle for the floor in front of the faux fireplace and be perfectly content.

All kidding aside, Stormi seems like one lucky kid — and, adorably, a grateful one as well.

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