Kristen Bell Trying Not To Laugh While Her Kid Sings Lizzo Is Every Mom Everywhere

by Christina Marfice
Kristen Bell/Instagram

You need to start your morning with this video of Kristen Bell’s daughter belting out some Lizzo

Sounds like Kristen Bell has a daughter who feels good as hell. In a hilarious video she posted to her hilarious Instagram account, Bell tries to keep her cool in the car while her kid belts out some Lizzo in the backseat, swears and all.

Yep, that’s 4-year-old Delta Bell in the backseat, singing a song that may not be quite 4-year-old appropriate, but hey, at least the kid has good taste, because Lizzo is the queen of our age. Some of the lyrics might be a little bit made up, but there’s nothing wrong with that — we’re loving little Delta’s creativity.

Bell is pretty much every mom everywhere as she tries to keep a straight face so as not to encourage the kiddo to keep scream-singing songs that are filled to the brim with adult language. But while “Good As Hell” may not use playground-appropriate vocab, it’s also an absolute anthem about loving yourself no matter what, and that’s a message that’s more than appropriate for any age.

It turns out that Delta might have just directly inherited her pipes from Bell, who is known for being the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen. Remember when Bell posted a video on Instagram of one of her daughters screech singing “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs in her undies? You guessed it — that was Delta.

More recently, we learned that little Delta is a major Ben Platt fan after Bell posted a video of the Dear Evan Hansen star sitting on Delta’s bedroom floor, listening intently to the little girl singing him her own rendition of a song from her album. Having famous parents clearly has its perks, like getting to meet (and sing to) your idol when you’re still in preschool.

Here’s hoping Delta keeps on singing, because that’s a special thing that she and Mom Bell can share for life. It sounds like the kid already has a good start on honing those pipes, so now it’s just a matter of singing every day — swears and all.