Kylie & Travis Are Getting Roasted For Buying Stormi A School Bus

by Erica Gerald Mason
Tommaso Boddi/Getty and Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Money is no object when it comes to the 3-year-old’s happiness

In an effort to show their adorable babe that the wheels on the bus do indeed go ‘round and ‘round, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott gifted their daughter Stormi with her very own school bus. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted on Instagram that her little cutie is “obsessed” with school buses.

Jenner posted photos of the little delighted bebe hugging a bus and walking between the seats. Her papa “surprised her” Jenner wrote, before gushing that he had bought Stormi her own bus.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram


Kylie Jenner/Instagram


One Twitter fan couldn’t wait for the internet’s reaction.

“Saw Kylie’s story about Travis “surprising” Stormi with a yellow school bus so she can pretend to be middle class for the day and I damn near broke my ankle running to Twitter,” the post reads.

“Kylie Jenner’s daughter says she wants to take the school bus like the other kids, so Kylie and Travis deadass buy an entire school bus just for her to ride in,” another post reads. “I literally can’t even with them.”

“Kylie and Travis buying Stormi a yellow school bus because all she wanted to do was be a normal kid and ride on one is the most dystopian, surreal, depressing, and funny thing I’ve ever seen,” another poster commented.

“Honestly Kylie Jenner should of left that pic of stormi with a bus to themselves…cause this really just proved how celebs will NEVER be like us when they paying for a bus to make their kid feel “poor”.”

The parody account Nori’s Black Book (named after Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s eldest, North West) joked about the bus.

“Stormi has been obsessed with the public school system (thanks, Dream), so her dad rented a big yellow school bus for the day,” the account posted. “Next week her parents are renting out a school cafeteria so she can experience public school lunches or as I call it, something from Kris’ cookbook.”

It wasn’t all snark and sass, though. One Kardashian fan stood up for the parent’s choice.

“Parents bashing Kylie for getting Stormi a bus is so weird to me,” the fan admits. “The joy you feel from seeing your child excited is priceless. The fact that it’s a schoolbus? She’s born into wealth, she’ll never ride one. My bus memories are hilarious, I’m not mad.”

While the bus is clearly a gift, many question remain: where will they park it? Will it be in covered parking? Will he sell the bus back to the dealership… but at a markup because it’s Kardashian-Scott adjacent?

One thing’s for certain: Stormi loves it, and we suppose that’s all that matters.