Leah And Sonja Duke It Out On 'RHONY' — Over A Cashmere 2-Piece Set

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Sonja’s fashion show after-party was wild, y’all; like, strip-in-the-kitchen-and-change-into-cashmere-pajamas wild

It’s fashion week in NYC! And you know what that means: drama among the Real Housewives of New York City women.

Sonja Morgan not only makes her return to the runway with “Sonja, by Sonja Morgan,” but the RHONY ladies also sit front row to support Tinsley Mortimer’s big return to the runway for Garo Sparo, the line by Project Runway alum, Gary Spampinato. Of course, it wouldn’t be a NYFW episode of RHONY without the women making a major scene before, during, or after one of the shows. (Remember 10 years ago when Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps went head-t0-head at a Pamella Roland show, and Bethenny said to her, “I don’t like you, and I think you’re a snake”? How could you? It’s iconic.) This season, it was a Leah McSweeney versus Sonja showdown; and instead of an exchange of insults, Sonja stormed right into the kitchen and, well, changed her clothes.

But before we get Leah and Sonja’s strange post-fashion show fight — over a cashmere two-piece set — we meet: Ra-moan-a Singer. “Fashion Week is definitely a major event in New York, and if you don’t go to a fashion show, you’re considered almost like a leper,” Ramona says, followed by a segment of her moaning through her ab workouts.



And only in RHONY do we get a simultaneous mother-daughter cry-fest, between Tinsley and her mom, Dale Mercer.


“Mommy, stop! Mommy, please!”


“I can’t cry right now because of my makeup,” Tinsley continues.


But let’s get to the real meat of this episode: Leah discussing how her recent decision to drink in the Hamptons has caused what appears to be a falling out with her mom.

Following the Pamella Roland fashion show, Leah meets up with the women for lunch, where a pissed-off Ramona wastes no time telling Leah that it was rude of her not to show. Leah tells the ladies that she missed the show due to an apparent falling-out with her mother.

“I had to have not a mental breakdown, but breakthrough,” Leah says, adding that her dad called her to let her know that her mom was worried for her and angry with her because she drank at Ramona’s Hamptons party.

“When she hears I’m drinking agin, it’s just a trigger for her,” Leah says. “It’s hard for her to accept me as a 37-year-old woman who has her shit together.”

We also learn more about the origins of Leah’s streetwear line, Married to the Mob.

“I started Married to the Mob when there was no streetwear for women; actually, streetwear wasn’t really a term when I started it. I paved the way for many female brands that are out there now; and 15 years later, we’re still doing it, which is a huge accomplishment,” Leah says, adding, “My type of feminism has always been, I can do whatever the boys can do and I can do it better than them.”

We then meet Leah’s ex and baby daddy, Rob Cristofaro, who also expresses concern over her drinking.


“I think it’s a destructive path for you,” he tells her. “Whatever you say, you’re fooling yourself.”

It’s finally time for Sonja’s fashion show, and we learn that she sent Leah “pajamas” to wear to her show.

“This is an attack on me,” says Leah, who boldly brought the two-piece set to the show with her — in a plastic bag.

“Come on, Sonja; you knew what you were doing,” Dorinda laughs in a talking head.

As the show commences, Leah and the rest of the women comment nonstop that Leah could have worn pretty much every dress and ensemble coming down the runway.

“I’m in the fashion industry,” Leah says. “I’ve been going to Fashion Week events since I was literally in eighth grade, when I was babysitting for the editor of Seventeen magazine, and I know what a fashion show looks like. This is not a fashion show.”

When Leah and Sonja meet up after the show, Sonja asks her, “What happened to the cashmere two-piece set? That’s my signature — it was in Elle.”

“I honestly feel like, ‘You’re the downtown one. You’re the jean one.’ I think your full of shit, and I think you’re passive aggressive, and I think you’re still mad at me from the Hamptons,” Leah says to Sonja’s face, to which Sonja asks for the two-piece set back.

“Does she really think I have the time to do something so passive aggressive with her?” Sonja says in a talking head.

Leah then hands over the two-piece set in a ripped up plastic bag, like the badass she is. “Mine came in a brown paper bag that was ripped open,” Leah then says as Sonja puts on the cashmere pants in the middle of the after-party.

“But Sonja, would you really have wanted to wear that tonight?” Tinsley asks her.

Sonja continues to strips and change into the top in the kitchen, and when she finally comes out?

“You look like shit!” Ramona screams from the other end of the room, followed by the rest of the women yelling, “Terrible!” It. Was. Glorious.



“I still think what Sonja did was shady and passive aggressive, but it’s pretty damn hard to stay mad at Sonja when she’s prance around her fashion show looking like a pimp in pajamas,” Leah says.

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